Cafe Sanso San Juan | Restaurant Review

My girl friends and I were looking forward to dining at HotBox Kitchen but it was closed for private function the night we scheduled our meet up. We ended up in Cafe Sanso, San Juan City.

There was ample parking right in front of the restaurant. We took it as a sign and went inside to check out the ambiance. The venue was conducive to small talk and even for a date night.

Paella Catalonia

Paella Catalonia Php 600

A traditional Catalan style paella cooked in Saffron broth and chorizo topped with Mixed Seafood

Please do not judge us three girls based on our order. We might have small frames but each one of us certainly got a big appetite hehe

The Paella Catalonia was not impressive even at first glance. The ingredients were way too far from each other and the shrimps were kinda lame to look at. For a mean paella, I suggest going to Mateo's Restaurant Cafe along N. Domingo St., New Manila, Quezon City. Click on the link and see for yourself.

Jamon Serrano, Melon & Mango Salad

Jamon Serrano, Melon & Mango Salad Php 320

Perfectly tossed mesclun medly in citrus balsamic vinaigrette. Topped with Jamon Serrano, mango, melon and manchego cheese slivers

All three of us can't get enough of the Jamon Serrano, Melon and Mango salad. The Manchego cheese was a perfect partner to go with Jamon Serrano. The overall taste mixed well with the citrus balsamic vinaigrette.


Beef Salpicao Php 390

US beef hanging tenders seared to perfection. Sauteed with garlic, olive oil and wild mushrooms. Garnished with roasted bell peppers and garlic.

I ended up eating most of the beef salpicao as my two companions dig into the paella. When I combined the beef and garlic with the sauce, it was so yummy... I really like it!


Churros 5 pcs. + Hot Chocolate Php 165

The Churros was good albeit a bit expensive. And as if we were not full enough from all our orders, we each had a Serenitea Jumbo cup to cap the night off ; p

Cafe Sanso is located at V. Cruz Street, San Juan City.
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