Goldilocks Decorate Your Cake (DYC) + Ark Avilon Zoo + Land of the Titans | Field Trip 2016

My daughter and I joined her preschool's field trip two weeks ago. Our itinerary included Goldilocks Cake Plant Tour with Decorate Your Cake (DYC) activity in Shaw Blvd., Ark Avilon Zoo in Frontera Verde, Pasig and our last destination, Land of the Titans is located in Quezon City Memorial Circle. It was organized by Traveller's Deal, Inc.

Thank goodness she was not cranky when I woke her up, maybe because she was excited to ride the bus. When we arrived at our meeting place, she was able to eat breakfast while waiting for a few more students.

Goldilocks Cake Plant Tour | Goldilocks DYC

Unfortunately, adults were not allowed to join the Goldilocks Cake Plant Tour. Boo hoo! No photos for you. According to one of the staff, the area was quite small to accommodate the number of guests inside the premises.

Anyway, here's the exciting part- the Goldilocks DYC activity. My daughter was able to decorate her own mamon

What's inside Goldilocks DYC:

  • Cake or Mamon
  • Colorful cake toppers such as butterfly and stars
  • Icing
  • Knife
  • Plastic sheet

My daughter and I decorated the mini cake. While I helped her put the cake decors, she enjoyed squeezing the icing out of the plastic tube and eating it at the same time haha After decorating, we ended up eating our fabulous and colorful creation ; ) Our stay at Goldilocks was short and sweet!

Ark Avilon Zoo Tiendesitas | Frontera Verde

Traffic was not bad that day. We arrived at our second destination, Ark Avilon Zoo, in under an hour. We wasted no time, we check out all the animals including the ones who were sleeping (see lion photo below)...

This turtle was all by his lonesome when I took this photo. Okay, these two below obviously doesn't care of the toddlers around them. They can't stop humping haha

At Ark Avilon Zoo, aside from the entrance fee, you have to pay a minimal fee for every activity like feeding or picture-taking with the birds, horse and monkey...

Selfie with Venus | Ark Avilon Zoo

My daughter likes the feeding-the-animals activity the most. She was scared to have her photo taken with them hence my selfie photo with Venus lol

Ark Avilon Zoo is an indoor zoo. The area was quite small compared to Manila Zoo, we were in and out in less than an hour. I was glad that it was not crowded though and it was not as hot and humid as I expected.

Land of the Titans | Quezon City Memorial Circle

During the bus ride, the kids participated in games conducted by the travel agency's representative. My daughter took home a bottle of bubble making toy as her prize for answering a question ; p The kids also get to watch the movies, "Inside Out" and "Brave".

Most of the kids who participated in this tour were ages 3 years old and below. I heard several shrieks and cries (including my daughter) when they saw the humongous and life-like dinosaurs, polar bear and other creatures in the Mesozoic era moving. The toddlers got scared so most of the parents just took selfies, no family photos to share ; (

The fun part of the tour was the camaraderie of the entire class. The kids bonded with each other outside of their classroom. Parents also spent quality time with their children.

Even if we were both exhausted, my daughter is already looking forward to another field trip for the school year 2016-2017. I can't wait for our next bonding session!

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