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When 101 Restaurant City, Inc. invites you to taste the Ultimate SuTuKil experience, you say YES! I visited Cebu last weekend to experience an authentic and traditional SuTuKil gastronomy at The Grand Convention Center's (GrandCon) Isla Sugbu Seafood City.

It is without a doubt that Cebuanos love to eat. One conventional style of cooking with Visayan origin is called SuTuKil. It is a combination of three words that deal with three different types of cooking. It uses fresh seafood as its main ingredient.

SU | Sugba

Sugba (n) means to cook fresh seafood by grilling

Isla Sugbu Seafood City offers fresh and clean seafood. Take a pick from the wide array of fresh Catch Of The Day, have it grilled and enjoy the goodness in every bite.

TU | Tuwa

Tuwa (n) to stew fresh seafood with clear broth and vegetables


Step 1: Choose one or two kinds of seafood

Step 2: Add leafy veggies 

Step 3:  Enjoy a simmering seafood broth

KIL | Kilaw

Kilaw (n) to eat raw seafood (above) or cooked with vinegar (below)

I had so much fun indulging on sumptuous dishes prepared by famous chefs that night. At first, I was not keen of tasting Kilaw but after one bite and savoring the fresh seafood flavor in my mouth, I had to take one bite after the other. My first SuTuKil experience was simply awesome!

Isla Sugbu Seafood City | The Grand Convention Center

Winglip Chang with Jericho Rosales

Isla Sugbu Seafood City restaurant president, Winglip Chang, promises an authentic SuTuKil experience that the Queen City of South has become famous for by giving you the following: 

  • wide selection of live seafood

  • wharf-like ambiance inside Seafood City Restaurant

  • open kitchen at Seafood City Restaurant guarantees that only fresh and clean seafood dishes are served

Ultimate SuTuKil Experience
Choose Your Fresh Catch of the Day! 
Package A

  • Fish Sugba

  •  Shrimp Tinuwa

  • Fish Kinilaw

Package B

  • Squid Sugba
  • Shrimp Tinuwa
  • Fish Kinilaw
 Package C

  • Fish Sugba
  • Fish Tinuwa
  • Shrimp Kinilaw

Package D
  • Squid Sugba 

  • Fish Tinuwa
  • Shrimp Kinilaw

Each Sutukil package includes the following:

  • Appetizer

  • Choose ONE (1) Dish of the Day
  • Rice Platter
If you happen to travel to Cebu, discover the mouthwatering world of SuTuKil at Isla Sugbu Seafood City. Each package costs only Php 1,600 nett and is good for 4 persons.

Now that I have tasted the ultimate SuTuKil experience, I am challenging you to take on the extraordinary and flavorful SuTiKil adventure. Where else but in Isla Sugbu Seafood City!

Isla Sugbu Seafood City is located inside The Grand Convention Center of Cebu,  Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City. For reservations, please call +63 32- 260 8000. Like The Grand Convention Center of Cebu on Facebook. Follow @TheGrandCon on Twitter and Instagram.

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