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At the beginning of the summer, I started writing about my trip to Panglao, Bohol and promised to finish writing about it before the summer ends. I already wrote about our stay at Henann Resort Alona Beach to the different restaurants/coffee shops that we have tried- Nikita's Coffee Shop & Salon (#6 Restaurant in Panglao Island according to TripAdvisor), The Buzzz Cafe Alona Bohol Bee Farm (#1 Restaurant in Panglao Island according to TripAdvisor) and Oasis Beach & Dive Resort (ranks #13 amongst the Best Restaurants in Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol).

Alona Kew White Beach Resort | Panglao, Bohol

It was peak season when we went there so most of the restaurants were full during lunch or dinner. For those tourists who don't have a restaurant reservation, most would likely end up dining Al fresco, that's what happened to us at while looking for a place to have our dinner on a crowded night. We have no other choice but to take one of the tables situated outside Alona Kew located along Alona White Beach.

Calamares Php 200

Shrimp Garlic Php 275

Most restaurants along the White Beach display its "Fresh Catch of the Day". You would think that since you are in the province, prices for seafood would be a lot cheaper than here in Manila. But that is not the case, some are even outrageously priced.

Sizzling Squid Php 275

Sizzling Squid Php 275

We decided to order from the menu where items were more reasonably priced. We selected a few seafood and 2 kinds of soup. By the time our orders arrived, we were all so hungry that we were able to eat everything that was served to us. Yes, service was that slow on a peak season.

Pork Sinigang Php 250

Crab & Corn Soup Php 120

While waiting for our orders to arrive, a balut vendor walked over. I don't eat balut but the rest of my family loves it... ginawa nilang appetizer lol

Alona Kew White Beach Resort is located at Tawala, Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines. For inquiries and reservations, please contact +63 38 502 9042.

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