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I just had a post birthday celebration last night with two of my favorite gal pals at Runner's Kitchen located along Tomas Morato Ave., in Quezon City. This organic restaurant has been under my radar for quite some time. The amazing photos and fantastic reviews I found online sealed the deal, I just have to try it out for myself!

Runner's Kitchen | Menu

Paprika Prawns Php 410

 Pan-seared prawns, red radish, crispy basil and spnach with sundried tomato yogurt

Because I had to bring my daughter with me wherever I go these days, we had to schedule an early dinner. By 6pm, my friend and I were already at the restaurant. My other friend and co-celebrator  arrived an hour later (mommy duties ; p).

Since it is located within Creekside Square, Runner's Kitchen has a decent number of parking slots (yes, you can even park your bikes in front of the restaurant!) unlike other restaurant establishments along Tomas Morato Ave.

Beef Salpicao Php 395 + Black Rice Php 50

 Organic sirloin, wilted kale and tomato confit 

As first-timers, we didn't have a hard time ordering as the menu was not complex. There's even a description printed alongside of each item.

Watermelon Kale Salad Php 280

Locally-grown kale, watermelon, romaine lettuce and pickled cucumber tossed in balsamic vinaigrette then topped with balsamic reduction and candied pili nuts. 

I didn't see Run 365 Marathon Special on the menu (I totally forgot to ask about it... boo!) or I would have ordered it. Anyway, we ordered most of the highlighted item on the menu.
Spicy Tuna Quinoa Roll Php 295

A low carb roll for sushi lovers! Raw tuna, cucumber, mango, sriraha aioli, coconut cream and ginger soy reduction

We had Spicy Tuna Quinoa Roll for appetizer and Watermelon Kale Salad. I don't like raw tuna to begin me but this roll blew me away. I love it specially because I can handle its spiciness!

For the salad, don't let the tiny bowl deceive you. It was packed with lots of raw veggies mixed with one of my favorite fruits, watermelon. We could not even finish it.

Matipuno Php 165 on left and Marikit Php 175 on right

Matipuno- Banana + Peanut Butter + Cacao Nibs + Cashew Milk

Marikit Carrot + Pineapple + Ginger

We ordered two items from its main course- Beef Salpicao and Paprika Prawns. The beef was chewy, it was a complete letdown. The prawns were huge but I find it a bit expensive.

For the drinks, I ordered Matipuno- a smoothie while my friend ordered Marikit- a juice drink. I don't know about the juice but my smoothie is a bit weird tasting, just imagine drinking peanut butter ; p Anyway, I prefer it more as a spread rather than a drink.

By the time my other friend arrived, the items she wanted from the menu were already out of stock (soup and juice).

I don't know if its because everything we ate was organic but our tummies never felt full despite wiping out most of our orders. Since my daughter was not able to eat (aside from the watermelon and a few spoonful of black rice), we transferred to a "normal" restaurant afterwards ; p

Runner's Kitchen is located at Unit 2 (beside MiniStop) Creekside Square, 74 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City. For inquiries and reservations, call 415 6870.

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