Kamuning Bakery Cafe | Presidential #PandesalSurvey

The Presidential Pandesal Survey of the 77-year old, artisinal and pugon-style (wood-fire oven) Kamuning Bakery Cafe is such a hit that we don't want to miss out on the trend! Last night, DH drove us to Judge Jimenez St. in Quezon City to cast our votes and eat them too!

From the Pandesal Forum menu, you are encouraged to VOTE for your Presidential Pandesal sandwich. In this cafe, Vote BUYING is allowed and most of all, encouraged!

Pandesal Forum | Pan de Duterte

 Pugon-baked SPICY (optional) Burger Pandesal sandwich + Davao's Hot Chocolate Php 165

Presidential bet, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, is leading by 40%. DH decided that he will vote with the majority and ordered Pan de Duterte. The burger pattie tastes like that of Jollibee, only a bit sweeter and spicier. We both loved it! Did I mention that the hot chocolate is super yummy and chocolaty too?!

I would have voted and ordered *Pan de Miriam, my presidential bet if I came here for breakfast or afternoon snack. But when I saw Beef Tapa on the menu, it got the best of me so I had to order that instead for my dinner.

Incidentally, these two Presidential Pandesal candidate mentioned above along with **Pan de Poe cost Php 165, the remaining candidates' pandesal set costs only Php 150.

*   Pan de Miriam- Pugon-baked Tuna Pandesal sandwich + Kape Latte 
** Pan de Poe- Pugon-baked Corned Beef Pandesal sandwich + Kape Mocha

Almusal Maghapon

Tapa Php 170

Dried cured beef cooked the Philippine way
Longganisa Php 150

 Sausages from Lucban, Quezon Province

DH and I ordered several breakfast staple for dinner last night. Longganisa for him and Tapa for me. We find the servings bitin but the price is pretty inexpensive so you can order other items from the menu. Taste-wise, okay naman!

Pan de Leche

Grilled Kesong Puti Php 120

Old-style Filipino milk bread baked in a 76-year old pugon oven

I knew I had to order Grilled Kesong Puti when I saw it on the menu. I am so addicted to cheese these days, I never ran out of it in my fridge. I love the subtle and creamy taste of this classic Filipino white cheese from the farms located in Laguna. It was served with french fries. Totally yummy!

Kamuning Bakery Cafe is located at 43 Judge Jimenez St. cor. K-1st St., Kamuning, Quezon City. For inquiries and reservations, please call 929 2216, 794 5045 and 411 2311.

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