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Every Sunday we go out as a family and we call it... Sundate! One the perks of living in Quezon City is that restaurants are everywhere. Some of the restaurants that we tried are really good and some are well, mediocre and needs improvement like Vagabonds Artisan Comfort in Scout Limbaga.

 Chorizo Burger with a Gourmet Twist

Boracay Chori Burger Php Php 280

This Boracay Chori Burger is a far cry from what Chori Burger tastes like in Boracay. Maybe its the gourmet twist?! Hmmm... which reminds me of what I read earlier today that Filipino cuisine is better left unaltered.

 Truffle Mac and Cheese

Napoleon's Mac & Cheese Php 280

When I ask the waiter for a pasta recommendation, he suggested Napoleon's Mac and Cheese. The description on the menu said that this dish gets customers screaming for more. Sad to say, this dish is bland, I could not even taste the cheese or any hint of truffle ; (

Southern-style Deep Fried Boneless Porkchop served over Southern Style Rice

John Wayne's Pork Chops Php 280

John Wayne's Pork Chops are so salty when eaten alone, it tasted better when paired with rice. Okay, it might be that my salt tolerance is just very low. But honestly, the management should make another round of food tasting on whatever there is on the menu.

On the plus side, Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food looks more like a bistro or even a fine dining restaurant than a casual dining restaurant like Chili's or T.G.I. Friday's. The staff were courteous even right after taking my concerns about the food. Parking area is not a problem and there is a security guard manning the vicinity of the restaurant.

Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food is located at Ground Floor RGI Building, 34 Scout Limbaga cor. Scout Torillo Sts., Quezon City. For inquiries and resevations, please call 281 7748 or 799 2599.

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