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Some girls are crazy over watches and clothes, well, I am crazy over bags and shoes! To prove my point... a few weeks after I received a pair of Aldo Lemert and a few days after I bought a Yosi Samra fold-up ballet flats, I bought my very first Italian hand-made shoes from a brand called PabDer Uomo Italy.

The brand started in 1985 with a line entirely for men (Uomo in Italian) but in recent years, it has expanded its reach, thus, the women line (Donna in Italian) was born.

Pabder Donna TW2209-2 Orange Loafers PhP 3,080

After months of saving, I finally bought a pair of PabDer Donna ; p Before that, I visited almost every PabDer boutiques I saw in the malls I frequented to. I was actually eying for this pair of loafers but when I went to PabDer Greenhills (Shoppesville) last November 8, I chanced upon this orange PabDer Donna (shown in the photo above). I squealed with delight, ok, that happened only in my head ; p The color seemed to match my Tod's D-Styling Bauletto Mini so I am really interested and focused on purchasing one. Full review and how to spot a fake Tod's here... double yey!

The downside with anything handcrafted is that the store has only a limited number of stock. More often than not, there is only one stock per size. The smallest size (35) is the one usually on display and that's my size. Hmmm, there has to be a remaining stock somewhere ; p

I reiterated that I wanted a new stock so I left my contact details to the SA. In return, SA called other branches and found another pair in stock. I was told that the shoes will be arriving at 12nn the very next day... yipee!

 PabDer Donna TW2209-2 Orange Loafers

What's inside the box of Pabder Donna:

  • pair of PabDer Donna TW2209-2 Orange
  • 2 pieces dust bag

PabDer box

PabDer box contains the Style, Color and Size of the shoes. A barcode and a shoe illustration is also found on the box.

PabDer shoe box cover

silver stamping found inside PabDer shoes

Pabder Silver Stamping:

  • Shoe Model & Size
  • PabDer logo

 PabDer DONNA printed on insole

By far, this is the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. The insoles are padded. It gives your feet a cushion while walking. Imagine yourself walking on top of a foam, that's how PabDer's insole feels like.

I saw Pabder's FB page and apparently this is how they also shoot their shoes lol

PabDer Donna is true to size

As I have said, PabDer is true to size unlike Yosi Samra where you have to get one size bigger for comfort.

 sole of PabDer Donna

If you are on a budget, I saw a local brand called Shoebox & Me that has almost the same style and costs only 1/3 of PabDer's but it's not handcrafted and definitely not made of calf leather ; p

Tod's D-Bag and PabDer Donna

I think they are a perfect match

 left is longer (2.4inches)

 right is 2.2 inches

I don't know what's wrong with shoes and I. I always end up with some sort of a problem ; p Remember my problem with Melissa Shoes which was not resolved by the store? I even emailed the company to no avail. How about Yosi Samra?

Anyway, like with Melissa Shoes, I noticed something was wrong with my shoes while I was taking a photo of myself wearing it. The back of the left shoe is longer 0.2 inches. It's poking the back of my foot ; ( The back of the left shoe is longer 0.2 inches.

Anyway, I gave the store a call and I had it exchanged the very same day I got it ; ) At least they have an exchange policy... bravo!

Pabder Donna PhP 3,080

BTW, I was informed by the SA to collect my receipt. If I will be able to collect a total of PhP 10,000 worth of receipts within a year, I can have my very own discount card which allows me to purchase regular items at 20% off. What a deal!

I am loving everything about PabDer- the shoes, the color and the comfort. I will check out the bags and wallet soon ; )

Did you buy a pair of shoes recently? Kindly share your experience with me. Thanks.

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