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I passed by Trollbeads boutique in Robinsons Magnolia many times but it was only last Sunday when I was able to enter the store. I was amazed at the display inside. Imagine, a crown ring with a dust of shimmering gold, calling for my attention a la Confessions of a Shopaholic hahaha Of course, I also took notice of the different Trollbeads available.

I was able to inquire about the brand, where it came from and what it's made of. One of the SAs patiently discussed the brand with me. Trollbeads' "bead on bracelet" concept definitely piqued my curiosity but that day, I went home empty-handed.

 Special Edition Trollbeads Luck and Joy Starter Bracelet (TB50540) PhP 8280 5,395

The next morning, I searched online and found out that Trollbeads originated in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1976- the year I was born! The first bead made was a small, silver bead decorated with 6 faces that, well, look like a troll hence the name Trollbeads.

In 2002, the first glass bead was made, like the one shown in the photo above. I was totally in awe while watching the video on how a piece of glass bead was made so I made a decision to buy one for myself ; p

Special Edition Trollbeads Luck and Joy Starter Bracelet

What's in a package of Trollbeads?

  • Trollbeads booklet
  • Trollbeads special cleaning cloth
  • Box containing Luck & Joy Starter Bracelet

colorful joy bead in Teal (blue green color)

My favorite color is blue but my mom said that this year's lucky color is green so to meet halfway, I chose this Colorful Joy glass bead in Teal.

Teal: Imagination, creativity, sensitivity and a multi-tasker; 
supportive, self-sufficient and perceptive- SOURCE

Colorful Joy exclusive polka dot glass bead in Teal for Imagination PhP 1595 1040 ($31)

Are Trollbeads made of Murano glass?

Yes, most of the glass used by Trollbeads comes from the tiny island of Murano close to Venice in Northern Italy. For centuries, high quality glass hass been produced here and the Murano glass bblowers are some of the world's most accomplished glass artists. -SOURCE

The glass bead has an LAA* stamped on the silver insert. Available in 6 colors: Midnight, Teal, Red, Pink, Citrine and Blue.

*LAA stands for Lise Aagaard, designer and founder of Trollbeads

Lucky Knot bead in Silver (JTB11112) PhP 1595 1040 ($28)

To know if Trollbeads are genuine, Silver/Glass beads are stamped with these inscriptions: 925S* LAA.

Troll luck! A lucky knot for good luck and happiness. This Trollbead is cast in solid sterling silver and can be mounted on bracelets and necklaces. In a world and even cultures that are steeped in superstitions carrying a small token of luck is a big tradition. As with other Trollbeads, the Lucky Knot works well when used on each end of a necklace like tiny bookends. This Trollbead is also available in 18k Gold. This bead was designed by Soren Solvsmed- SOURCE

Silver and gold beads made before January 2006 are not stamped. Glass beads were first stamped in May 2008.

*925S stands for Silver

Sterling Silver Bracelet Chain 18cm or 7.1 inches (TB15218) lock included PhP 2395 1560 ($46)

On one side of the larger lock, 925S was stamped while LAA was stamped on the other side.

Plain Lock in Silver (TB10111) 1inch in size PhP 2695 1755 ($54)

This uncomplicated lock is for those who prefer the simple functional design. Almost Spartan in its simplicity it works well when a more masculine look is required. This is a popular lock for men.  The Plain Trollbeads lock was designed by Lise Aagaard.- SOURCE

How to use the lock:

  1. The small end should be hooked on to the small eye of the bracelet and the larger end should be hooked on the larger eye of the bracelet.
  2. To open the small end: Use your thumb to push the bottom of the small clasp inwards.
  3. To open the large end: Pull the tab o the back downwards.

larger eye of the bracelet with 925S LAA stamping also

I can't wait to buy my second, third, fourth and fifth beads to add to my collection. I am also thinking about getting the solid sterling silver bangle but it costs PhP 5,495 for the bangle alone ; p Oh, I need stoppers (PhP 1,095 each) too. Ayayay!

Every story has a bead, read my story here. You can view about the rest of my Trollbeads collection here and here.

This 2016, Trollbeads is celebrating its 40th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, it has announced its Trollbeads Soft Sunrise Starter Kit in Bracelet and Bangle Promo.

Trollbeads is located at 2/F Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Blvd. cor Dona Hemady, New Manila, Quezon City. For inquiries, please call  +632 961 3383   

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