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I started my obsession with Trollbeads at the beginning of the year, I thought my love for it will waver but apparently, it did not. I continue to buy beads if I have extra money or charge it to my credit card if I don't have enough ; p

My Trollbeads Story

 Bracelet Leather Beige 43cm (L5146-45) PhP 1695

Little did I know that the company who brought Trollbeads here in the Philippines was closely monitoring the progress of my latest addiction. And as a way of thanking me for appreciating their brand, I received a gift - a bracelet leather in beige with a Silver Trace in Cerise/Blue (61361) bead.

Fine silver flecks trail the surface of this springlike, blue and cerise bead

Fine particles of silver set in a delicate ring, wrapped in a spring inspired blue and cerise bead. A remarkable fresh blue color that works well with the Blue Stripe Trollbead. Designed and release in 2008. Silver Trace in Cerise/Blue was retired in January 2013. Designer: Lise Aagaard

Learn the step by step instruction on how I craftily designed my leather bracelet into several knots after the break...

knotted leather bracelet should be snug fit when worn
I researched online to find the many ways to style my leather bracelet. Most users wore their bracelet by looping it twice around their wrist or by braiding it. I can't do just that because the leather bracelet I received was 43cm. It was the longest, other sizes available are 34cm and 39cm.

It was a bit frustrating but then, I was challenged and came up with a creative way to get my bracelet fit my tiny wrist. *Gives myself a pat on the back!

 Plain Lock (10111) PhP 2695

The original style Trollbeads Leather Bracelet does not have two silver end rings. The one shown above is the new style leather bracelet. The five visible holes lets you choose how loose you want your bracelet to be. You can trim the extra leather with a pair of scissors. I chose not to.

How to lock your bracelet:

  1. Put the two silver end of your leather bracelet through the smaller eye of your double ended lock
  2. Use the larger eye of your double ended lock to close your bracelet at the single end with five visible holes

To know how to spot a fake Trollbeads, read this post

 Leather Bracelet Style #1 using one Trollbeads

 Colour: Beige
Designer: Nicolas Aagard
Material: Leather
Collection: Leather Bracelets

 Learn how to knot your Trollbeads Leather Bracelet with these simple steps:

Step 1: Lay Trollbeads Leather Bracelet

Choose Trollbeads that you want to include in your bracelet.

Note: I chose to separate silver beads from glass beads

Step 2: Loop leather with glass beads (A) through leather with silver beads (B)

Step 3: Loop B through A to make a knot

That's one set! Make sure that after finishing a set the length of the leather bracelet is equal.

 halfway and almost there!

 It's so easy, isn't it!

  Leather Bracelet Style #2 using a combination of glass and silver Trollbeads

I chose Style #1 as I have read in Trollbeads UK, these real leather bracelets look stunning with only a few beads. Which style is for you?

Other colors available are Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Brown and Pink.

 no visible inscription ; ( 

 Silver Trace Cerise/Blue (61361) PhP 1595

Fine-Silver set in a delicate ring, wrapped in a spring-inspired blue and cerise bead.

Designer:Lise Aagaard
Material: Glass
Collection: Glass Trollbeads 1

To know how to spot an authentic Trollbeads, read my entry here. Updated my collection, you can view it here. Read my latest collection here.

This 2016, Trollbeads is celebrating its 40th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, it has announced its Trollbeads Soft Sunrise Starter Kit in Bracelet and Bangle Promo

Trollbeads' flagship store is located at 2/F Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Blvd. cor Dona Hemady, New Manila, Quezon City. For inquiries, please call  +632 961 3383 

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