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Last July 1, I received an SMS from Trollbeads regarding its 40th anniversary promotion. To commemorate the event, the company announced the release of a limited edition Soft Sunrise Starter Kit. It was much like the Special Edition Trollbeads Luck & Joy Starter Bracelet I purchased three years ago. This year, there's two options for the starter kit- a bracelet or a bangle!

Trollbeads | Soft Sunrise Starter Bangle

Soft Sunrise Bangle Php 6, 495

 Sterling Silver Bangle | Stoppers | Sea Anemone

In my very first Trollbeads entry, I wrote about my wish list- a solid Sterling Silver Bangle (PhP 6,495) and a pair of stoppers (PhP 1,095 each). The Soft Sunrise Starter Bangle kit includes everything on my wish list plus a Sea Anemone (Php 1,595) glass bead, all for the price of Php 6, 495... what a steal! I have saved a total of Php 3,785 ; )

What's Inside?

  • Soft Sunrise Bangle Starter Kit
  • Silver-Polishing Cloth
  • Trollbeads Philippines Membership Card
  • Trollbeads Philippines Friends and Family Journey Card

Trollbeads PH Friends and Family Journey Card

  • August- People's Bead Launch
  • September- Private Viewing for Autumn 2016 Collection
  • October- Additional 5% off on Halloween Selections
  • November- Private viewing for Holiday 2016 Collection
  • December- 20% off on selected Holiday Kits

When I purchased the Starter Kit, I was given a Friends and Family Journey Card- a reward card that follows a series of purchase requirements so you can avail of the following: 

  • Free Bead
  • 50% off on Earrings
  • 2 Free Stoppers
  • Free Chain

You may also avail of the card with a minimum purchase requirement of Php 5,000.

Trollbeads PH | Membership Card

  • Lifetime Membership Card
  • 10% Discount Card

With the Trollbeads Discount Card, I automatically get 10% off any beads purchased. During my birth month, I automatically get 20% off!

Aside from the Soft Sunrise Bangle Set, I also bought a glass bead. With the Friends and Family Journey Card, I get a FREE bead (equal or lesser value).
White Bubbles Glass Bead | 61301

White Bubbles Glass Bead | 61301 Php 1595 (Php 1435.50)

  • White Bubbles contains tiny, delicate bubbles placed evenly along the circumference of the bead
  • The bubbles in this bead are absorbed into the clear glass and appear to be frozen, as air in ice.
  • This is the only pure white Trollbead
  • Designed by Lise Aagaard
  • Spring 2006

Scirocco Glass Bead | 61490

Scirocco Glass Bead | 61490 Php 1595 (FREE)

  • The bead is filled with copper coloured glittering inclusions
  • The sarker beige pattern varies from bead to bead, as does the amount of copper glitter visible in the surface
  • Named after the Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara and reaches hurricane speeds in North Africa and Southern Europe
  • Hot and dry wind carrying sand to a new place as an exotic regard
  • Most versatile bead from the Sparkle Kit
  • Designed by Lise Aagaard
  • Released in January 2014 along with the 2014 Trollbeads Collection

Now that I have a bangle and a pair of stoppers, I can practically mix and match my old and new beads.

Scirocco Glass Bead  (61490) | Letter Bead M (11144M) | White Bubbles Glass Bead (61301)

 Light Turquoise Prism (60192) | Lucky Knot bead in Silver (11112) | Fairy (61722) |
 Letter Bead M (11144M) | Turquoise Prism (60184)

White Cap (61413) | Letter Bead M (11144M) | Light Turquoise Prism (60192) | Fairy (61722) | Turquoise Prism (60184) | Lucky Knot bead in Silver (11112) | Colourful Joy bead in Teal (LJ005)  .

Soft Sunrise Starter Bracelet

Soft Sunrise Starter Bracelet Php 5,295

To know how to spot an authentic Trollbeads, read my entry here. Every story has a bead, read my story here. You can view about the rest of my Trollbeads collection here and here.

Trollbeads is located at 2/F Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Blvd. cor Dona Hemady, New Manila, Quezon City. For inquiries, please call  +632 961 3383 

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