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We went to S Maison, the newest and the most luxurious mall to open in Manila last weekend to watch Finding Dory at the Director's Club Cinema. To know more about the deluxe theater, its 3 state-of-the-art cinemas and the La-Z-Boy Power Recline XR+ features, visit here.

UMA UMA Fukuoka Ramen | @UMAUMAPH

UMA UMA Ramen Php 360

Chasiu, Spring Onions, Black Fungus, Spicy Miso, Egg

Before watching the movie, we had lunch at UMA UMA Fukuoka Ramen and The Bar. The restaurant is known for its naturally rich in umami and 100% MSG-Free ramen. DH loves ramen and the decision to choose this restaurant over the others was a no-brainer.

I like the vibe inside the restaurant especially the no-frills interior- simple and minimalist (see last photo). We were given a table by the couch. Since the mall is fairly new, expect a lot of mosquitoes flying around. Good thing I came prepared with my ever-reliable insect repellent oil, Citronella.

Garlic Ramen Php 360

Chasiu, Garlic Oil White Onion, Beansprouts,  Fried Shallots, Egg

DH ordered UMA UMA signature ramen while I ordered Garlic Ramen. Surprisingly, I was able to finish my own bowl of ramen. I am now a certified Ramen Girl lol I really, really like the soup- rich, creamy and full of flavor!

In our more than 10 years of marriage, I noticed that I am starting to lose my individuality. I get influenced a lot by my dear hubby and now I like whatever my hubby wants. I was not a fan of ramen but now I am a convert! I am not complaining as long as he picks up the tab ; p

You can order the following additional items/toppings:

Kaedama Noodles Php 100 | Soup Php 50 | Tamago Egg 35 | Chasiu Pork Belly Php 85 | Kikurage Black Fungus Php 75 | Menma Bamboo Shoots Php 50 | Negi Spring Onions Php 35 | Moyashi Beansprouts Php 50

On a side note, a dry noodles on the menu called Mezesoba looks interesting with Spring Onions, Bamboo Shoots, Chili Oil, Bean Sprouts, Sesame Seeds, Onsen Egg. All for Php 360. You may add Php 30 for Chasiu. I will definitely give it a try if ever I go back to UMA UMA.

Chasiu Don Php 190

I ordered Chasiu Don and Mentaiko Dashi Maki Tamago for my daughter. She was not pleased with both order. When the manager came up to our table to ask if everything we ordered were okay, I told her that my daughter was having a hard time chewing the Chasiu. We were quickly given a replacement. The new torched chasiu on our table (not in the photo) was thinly sliced and definitely easier to chew and swallow.

Another rice topping on UMA UMA menu is Karaage Don Php 190. It looks good on the photo, we have to try that on our next visit.

Mentaiko Dashi Maki Tamago Php 180

Unlike the usual tamago that is sweet, UMA UMA's Mentaiko Dashi Maki Tamago tasted just like a scrambled egg rolled into maki. We will definitely not order this anymore.

Other appetizers on the menu: 

One-Bite Gyoza Php 140 | Chicken Karaage Php 160 | Yaki Chasiu Php 160

Drinks includes:

Green Tea (Hot/Cold) Php 68 | Iced lemon Tea Php 68 | Royal Tru Orange Php 68 | San Pellegrino Php 300 | Asahi Super Dry Php 160 | Gekkaikan Junmai (300mL) Php 1500 | Gekkeikan Junmai Daiginjo (300mL) Php 2100

UMA UMA Fukuoka Ramen Philippines is located at Level 2, S Maison, Conrad Manila, SM Mall Of Asia Complex.

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