Do Ya | Jana Alayra

I told you my daughter is a huge fan of Jana Alayra. Here's another song that she recently learned from her preschool called Do Ya.

Funny anecdote:

B: Mom, we have a new song in school!
Me: What is it? Can you sing it?
B: Yeah... Do ya, do ya...
Me: That's it?!
B: Yes
Me: Are you sure? Is there any other words in the song?
B: I don't know

After googling Jana Alayra, it turned out that Do Ya is the title of the song. I should have listened to her in the first place. It would have saved me a lot of time looking for the title of the song ; p

Do Ya | Jana Alayra


Do-ya, do-ya, do ya know this Jesus?
Do-ya, do-ya, do ya know the truth?
Do-ya, do-ya, do you know this Jesus
Do-ya, do-ya, do ya know what He's done for you?

He's much more than a friend or brother
He's loved you from the very start
He can wipe away your sin
And let new life begin

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