Ka Tunying's Cafe | Timog Ave. Quezon City

When ABS-CBN TV anchor and radio commentator Anthony Taberna opened his first branch of Ka Tunying's Cafe along Visayas Ave., I heard and read a lot of rave reviews. The location is a bit far from me so I was not able to visit the much-talked about cafe. I know right?! It was such a bummer!

When I found out that he opened a second branch in Timog Ave., Quezon City, I quickly organized a breakfast date with some of my co-parents in my daughter's preschool. So, here we are one Thursday morning, grinning from ear to ear and having our photo taken with Anthony Taberna.

Ka Tunying's Cafe | Anthony Taberna


When we arrived---> there he was, the main man himself, wearing a neon pants paired with a floral top. He actually looks cute in person. And yes, he always smiles like that with his eyes squinting haha

All Day Breakfast | Tunying's Blend Coffee

Longsilog Php 195

Served with your choice of Longganisa, sunny side up egg, adobo rice and with side dish of atchara

When you order Longsilog, you can choose from the following meat:

  • Batutay- sweet flavor beef longganisa originated from Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija
  • Recado- garlic flavor pork longganisa
  • Hamonado- sweet flavor pork longganisa

Tapsilog Php 195

Beef Tapa served with Sunny side up egg, adobo rice with side dish of ensalada

Looking at the photo above, I guess the kitchen staff forgot that my Beef Tapa was supposed to be served with ensalada instead of atchara ; p

Daing Silog Php 195

Dried fish served with sunny side up egg, adobo rice with side dish of atchara

(left to right): Tsokolate Ala-eh Php 105; Tunying's Blend Coffee

Tsokolate Ala-eh is Batangas tablea sauce with Cappuccino milk (left)

Tunying's Blend Coffee is house brewed coffee with choice of Barako, Robusta, and North-South beans (right)

At Ka Tunying's, you can add a cup of Tunying's Blend Coffee for only Php 35 with every All Day Breakfast you ordered. Normally, it's Php 65 per cup. Aside from rice meals, Ka Tunying Cafe also sells freshly baked breads.

Ka Tunying's Cafe is just one of the few restaurants in Quezon City that is open for breakfast. I should make a compilation of all restaurants in my turf that opens early for breakfast so mommies and #TitasofManila who brunch can have a future reference ; p

Ka Tunying's Cafe is located at the Upper Ground Floor of Caswynn Building, 134 Timog Ave., Quezon City.

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