Health Cube | 3D Mammography Experience + Giveaway

Health Cube Advanced Medical Unit invited me to attend its "Fight Like A  Girl - Check & Protect with Health Cube" - a Breast Cancer Awareness event last October 20 at BTTC Centre, Greenhills, San Juan.

Aside from a brief talk on early prevention, practical tips and self checking with surgeon and breast cancer advocate, Dr. Sherry Lee, select media guests were given complimentary tests like 3D Tomosynthesis Mammogram (the first of its kind here in the Philippines) and Whole Body Densitometry.

Read about my 3D Mammo experience after the break...

3D Mammography | The Future of Breast Imaging


What is 3D Mammography?

This test produces a 3-dimensional view of the breast that helps identify and characterize individual structures without confusion of overlapping tissue. Also called breast tomosynthesis, this new technology allows the physician to see thin mammography sections of the entire breast and gives a clearer image thus, decreasing the need for further examinations. 

What are the benefits?

3D Mammography is better at detecting changes earlier than regular 2D scans. It can help distinguish superimposed tissue from real abnormalities, leading to less anxiety for women whenever they are due for a breast examination.

Breast Cancer Self Check 

Step 1  

  • Look at your breast in the mirror, with straight shoulders and your arms on your hips. Look for any changes on the basic appearance of your breast.

Step 2

  • Repeat with your arms raised, squeezed each nipple between your finger and thumb and check for any nipple discharge.

Step 3

  • Lie Down. Use a firm, smooth touch with the three middle fingers of your hand, keeping the fingers flat and together to feel your breast in a circular motion. 

Step 4 

  • Finally, feel your breast while you are standing or sitting. Follow the same procedure as in Step 3.
Signs to Look For:

  • Visible lump
  • Nipple changes
  • Breast swelling
  • Breast and nipple pain
  • Breast skin dimpling
  • Strange nipple discharge
  • Breast size change
  • Breast shape change
  • Scaliness (rashes) on breast skin

 If you notice any of the signs mentioned, consult your physician immediately.

My 3D Mammography Experience | Health Cube

health-cube-bttc -centre-san-juan-xoxomrsmartinez-1 

The technician told me to stand in front of the machine then she positioned one of my breasts on top of the flat surface (black area as shown in the first photo) of the machine. I inhaled and exhaled a few times as the machine literally squeezed and flattened one of my breasts. I was asked not to move right after that as she will begin the procedure. The same procedure was applied on the other breast.

In a side position, I lifted one of my arms and face the other side as the technician aligned my breast with the machine. I took two deeps breaths and the procedure was done in no time.

The whole experience lasted for about 10 minutes. I was expecting it to be painful but the procedure was tolerable. 

health-cube-bttc -centre-san-juan-xoxomrsmartinez-2

In honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Health Cube Advanced Medical Unit is offering their 3D Mammogram service at 25% off this October.

I want to remind my fellow women that the best protection is early detection. In line with this, I am giving away a complimentary 3D Tomosynthesis Mammogram worth Php 3,200 courtesy of Health Cube.


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Only Metro Manila residents are qualified. Giveaway ends on November 15, 2016. One (1) winner will be selected by Health Cube officials. Winner will be announced before the end of November. 

Bone Densitometry | Radiologic Vertebral Assessment


What is Bone Densitometry?

Bone Densitometry, also called dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) is an enhanced x-ray technology that measures the strength of your bones. It can detect serious bone loss, otherwise known as osteoporosis, thus leading to prevention of fracture and disability. It is the standard in checking bone mineral density. 

Whole Body Densitometry Test costs Php 6,000. The procedure is about 10 minutes.

CT Scan | 128 Slice Reconstruction


What is Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan?

The Computerized Tomography Scan is a radiological procedure that acquires multiple x-ray images of an organ, and allows the computer to combine, creating images of the organ at different angles. With the advent of improving technology, the newer CT scans are able to take incredibly clear images at shorter acquisition times. This only means that the physicians are provided with more accurate images to provide better diagnoses, while the patient is exposed to less amounts of clinically allowed radiation doses. 

Health Cube | Advanced Medical Imaging Unit

health-cube-bttc -centre-san-juan-xoxomrsmartinez-3
with Tes Mendoza- Marketing Head  (2nd from right) and Tin Ong- Clinic Manager (rightmost)

Health Cube Advanced Medical Imaging Unit is located at the Ground level, BTTC Centre, 288 Ortigas Ave. cor. Roosevelt St., Greenhills, San Juan City. For inquiries, please call 650 2222 or visit for more information.

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