UP Diliman Academic Oval Morning Run

Our Christmas was filled with a lot of blessings from family and friends alike. One of the gifts my daughter received during the holiday was a bright pink bike with a pair of balancer on the rear wheel.

She used to ride on bikes that are displayed in toy stores. That's where she learned how to pedal and how to handle the brake. Thanks to the family of my brother-in-law, she now has her own bike. No need to troop to toy stores on weekends ; p

UP Oval 

Last weekend, my family and I went to UP Diliman. It was mid-morning already but there were still a lot of bikers and runners on the oval track.

Initially, my daughter rode her new bike but then she saw a lot of kids jogging so she ran and tried to catch up with them.

We went around the track once. It took us around an hour to cover the whole 2.2 km track. We enjoyed the unobstructive view of the trees and the cloudy sky.

UP Oblation Statue

The Oblation (Filipino: Pahinungod, Oblasyon) is a concrete statue by Filipino artist Guillermo E. Tolentino which serves as the iconic symbol of the University of the Philippines. It depicts a man facing upward with arms outstretched, symbolizing selfless offering of oneself to his country.

A trip to UP Diliman is not complete without a photo with the Oblation statue. Yup, that's my daughter striking a pose just below the Oblation. She really knew how to pose like a professional model ; p

We went to UP Town Center for lunch. That's up next!

UP Academic (Acad) Oval is located at Diliman, Quezon City.

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