Cheers Tissue & Paper Towels | Helpful Tips and Review

Mother Knows Best and I Could Not Agree More! 

My mom has been telling me about Cheers, a brand of quality hygienic napkins in all configurations, kitchen towels and other party or get-together needs such as starch-based cutlery and trash bags. My mom has been using Cheers in our home since I can remember. She told me that the brand only uses 100% Virgin Pulp for all its tissues and napkin. It contains no artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine making it hygienic and therefore, mother-approved. But really, what initially caught my attention is the fun and colorful print designs that comes with each product : )

Cheers for Everyday Needs

Look at what I have found:

  • Cheers Table Napkins | Flat Napkins - 100 sheets Size 280 x 250 mm
  • Cheers Kitchen Towels Jumbo | Solo- 2 Ply 80 Pulls 275 x 230 mm
  • Cheers Table Napkins | Folded Party Naps - 50 sheets Size 330 x 300 cm
  • Cheers Table Napkins | Paper Towels - 2 Ply 150 Pulls Size 200 x 200 mm
  • Cheers Table Napkins | Pull Napkins - 2 Ply 200 sheets Size 100 x 200 mm

Aside from the products I have mentioned above, I also found the following Cheer products to complete my everyday essentials: 

  • Cheers Cutlery | 12 Spoons and 12 Forks  24 pieces Size 6 inches
  • Cheers Trash Bags Large | 10 pieces Size 26 x 32 inches

Cheers Makes Every Day Special

Now that we all know Cheers paper towels and napkins come in various sizes, here are some helpful tips on how I use them:

I place Cheers Pull Napkins on one side of the dining table so I can easily reach for one to wipe my mouth after eating. I also use it for small spills. You will never know, accidents usually happen especially if you have a toddler sitting beside you ; p

I place a sheet of Cheers Flat Napkins on my daughter's lap to catch those extra food that fall off her plate. Say no to messy floor!

For days that I don't have a helper like today, I use Cheers Cutlery. What I like about it is that it's unbreakable. It won't easily snap into two unlike the other brands that I have previously tried. This pack of cutlery is oil resistant and heat resistant up to 110°C. I also like that the edges are smooth, making it safe even for my daughter's delicate mouth. It comes in fun colors- red and green. Best of all, it's eco-friendly and biodegradable because it is starch based. With Cheers Cutlery, there's no guilty feeling after when I use disposables from time to time. 

Cheers Kitchen Towels Jumbo has liquid-locking technology making it super absorbent. Aside from drying dishes and draining excess oil from fried food, I use a sheet of Cheers Kitchen Towels Jumbo to wrap my daughter's sandwich. She takes her wrapped cheese sandwich to her ballet practice as baon so she can eat it after her class.

You may also use Cheers Flat Napkins as sandwich wrapper but I prefer the colorful print design of Cheers Kitchen Towels Jumbo. Mind you, it is printed with food grade water soluble ink so it's totally safe to use with food. It definitely adds life to my little girl's simple cheese sandwich!

My favorite among the variants of Cheers Table Napkin is the Paper Towel. It has a lot of uses so I put it in areas where I needed it most like in my daughter's bathroom and on the breakfast nook. It can wipe surfaces efficiently and it can also be used to dry my hands after washing baby bottles.

Cheers Table Napkin Folded Party Naps now comes in a refillable cardboard dispenser that's perfect for keeping your napkins neat and hygienic!

To use, simply remove the napkins from the plastic packaging and install in the dispenser. Make sure to lock the ear to keep the napkins in place.

Each pack contains 2 different designs inside. Safety first---> each folded party napkins are printed with food grade water soluble ink.

We practice recycling in our neighborhood. Cheers 100% Recyclable Trash Bags are perfect for kitchen use. All the plastic containers as well as other recyclables go into it. There's a tie included for easy wrap-up when the trash bag is already filled with recyclable materials.

Since I am a mom myself to an adorable 4 year old, I want my family to experience only the best products especially in our everyday needs at home. I was amazed at the wide range of products that Cheers has to offer. I could not believe that I waited this long to discover the good features and characteristics of Cheers products. I should have listened and paid more attention to my mom early on ; p

Cheers is manufactured by Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc. You can find Cheers and  Sanicare on Facebook. For more information, visit

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