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I have been on hiatus for quite some time because my daughter went back to school. We had to wake up earlier than usual and adjust to our new schedule. Now that we have already coped up with our daily routine, I have a few extra hours to spare to write a blog entry while she's in school or when she's already asleep at night. But this does not mean that I can attend events like before because I still spend most of my time with my family. I get to squeeze in a few minutes for myself in between. In as much as I miss attending event, I am too preoccupied with mommy stuff but I am not complaining ; )

off-shoulder denim top | Vero Moda
Haircut by Angelo Justin Php 950

Speaking of mommy stuff, I had a haircut just one day before my daughter celebrated her 5th birthday. My daughter wanted us to have the same hairstyle. She's sporting a China Doll look- full on bangs!!! We went to Hair Asia and for the second time around, it was Angelo Justin who chopped off 4-inches of my curly hair. And yes, he gave me bangs!

He is at Hair Asia every Monday. Kindly call first for his schedule and appointment.

Oh, how cute it is when two of my loves are in one photo- my daughter with our Pomeranian dog, Precious.. I just can't resist taking their photo. Never mind that they both didn't want to look at the camera ha! Our pet is already old and she can't go up the stairs unlike before because her legs are weak. But she's still the same sweet, matakaw dog that I first fell in love with.

Sadly, I dropped my Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5 on the floor a few weeks ago while DH and I were watching a movie. Surprisingly, it's still functioning so I am still using it up to now while I am still undecided on which phone to replace it with.

The front camera is still functioning well. That's what I use when I took the first photo in this entry.  I still can't get over the fact that I dropped my phone just like that huhu

I still have a lot of food photos in my phone that I need to share with you ASAP Watch out for more food entries soon ; )

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