Princess Jasmine 5th Birthday Party | 4th Street Cafe + Prettiserie Hair & Nail Salon + Yutaka Izakaya

Weeks before my daughter's 5th birthday, DH and I scheduled her pictorial at home. We let her stand at our center table and we took the photos ourselves. The whole activity lasted only a few minutes because our "model" was already tired from smiling and posing. Pack up na agad agad?! Buti nalang I found more than enough materials to print ; p

Princess Jasmine

I wanted a tarpaulin with a photo collage with the usual "Happy Birthday" greeting. On the other hand, DH wanted to produce a life-size standee. He said that tarpaulin is outdated. He will be personally in charge of the editing and the sourcing of printer (who will print the life-size standee) so standee it is!

Life-size Standee

While I was busy booking the venues (there were 3!), finalizing the guest list and buying cute stuff to fill the loot bags, the standee finally arrived at our home. My daughter was thrilled and could not contain her excitement when she saw her "twin". She immediately posed beside it and requested to have a picture taken with it. So cute!

4th Street Cafe 

photo taken from 4th Street Cafe's facebook page 

My daughter chose 5 of her closest friends from her previous preschool. My only dilemma was her birthday falls on a weekday so only two of her friends were able to make it to lunch at 4th Street Cafe- a fancy restaurant/cafe in Quezon City. Her other friends went straight to Prettiserie Hair and Nail Salon after their respective classes (different big schools have different dismissal times) in the afternoon.

Aside from the fancy mismatched chairs and tables, I love the girly theme of 4th Street Cafe. It makes it the perfect venue for my little Princess Jasmine's birthday lunch.

Each time we go there, my daughter never fails to order 4th Street Cafe's French Macaron while DH and I have our afternoon caffeine fix. Each macaron costs Php 70. I think it was on our second visit when they lowered the price of each macaron to Php 50. Yey, more macarons for my little one!

A macaron is a sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food coloring. 

On her birthday, here's what we ordered- Chicken Longganisa (Php 189 x 2), Mushroom Soup (Php 79), Garden Salad (Php 129), Nachos (Php 139), Baked Macaroni (Php 209 x 2) and Salpicao (Php 289). Total food amount is Php 1,432.

The food at the restaurant were hit and miss. The kids love the mushroom soup while the adults love the Baked Macaroni. 4th Street's version of Beef Salpicao needs improvement on taste and the beef needs to be more tender. So far sa lahat ng nakainan kong restaurant, ito palang un nakain kong beef salpicao na may natira sa plato ko at di ko naubos  ✌️

4th Street Cafe is located at 90 4th St. cor. Broadway, New Manila, Quezon City. For inquiries and reservation, please call +63 906 407 2107

                                                 Prettiserie Hair & Nail Salon

My sister is friends with the owner's sister. We occupied one of the rooms on the second floor. The private room was big enough to accommodate our group of 12 (6 kids and 6 moms) plus the nail technicians.

The staff were very accommodating. The manager even provided a 3-tier cake stand for my J.CO Donuts. I ordered J Pops baby donuts (24 pieces in one box) Php 250 for the kids and 1 dozen donuts for the mommies (Php 350). I paid only Php 575 because of Family Treat promo.

Coffee/tea (courtesy of the nail salon) were served for the mommies while the kids were having one of Prettiserie's signature treatment called Pedicaress worth Php 240. Total pampering treatment Php 1,440.

I don't like to think that we were given a special treatment but that was how everyone felt. That is why I only have good words to tell about Prettiserie Hair & Nail Salon.

Incidentally, I read that Prettiserie Hair & Nail Salon was cited as the "Most Beautiful Salon" because it was designed by renowned interior designer, Ivy Almario.

Prettiserie Hair and Nail Salon is located at 82 Sct. Limbaga cor. Tomas Morato, Quezon City. For inquiries, please call +63 2 875 7917

Estrel's Caramel Cakes

Princess Jasmine Cake Php 1,460

For the past 3 years, we have been ordering my daughter's birthday cakes from Estrel's Caramel Cakes. The cake is super moist and yummy. And because DH knows one of the owners, they always accommodate our request to put a Disney Princess doll on top of the cake. To view the original Estrel's Doll Cake (Lady Katy) on my daughter's 3rd birthday, click here. To view Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty Doll Cake on her 4th birthday, click here.

Estrel's Caramel Cakes is located at 54 Scout Tobias cor. Scout Limbaga, Laging Handa, Quezon City. For inquiries, please call +63 2 372 2965.

Yutaka Izakaya 

one blurry family photo

For her birthday dinner, we invited both sides of the family at my daughter's all-time favorite Japanese restaurant- Yutaka Izakaya. The photos are still in DH's camera so I can't show the pictures here. Anyway, our bill amounted to Php 9,880 for a group of 17 pax. Not bad, considering that everybody went home with their tummies full.

I highly recommend this restaurant because the chef/owner is Japanese- Hayashi Yutaka. It's as authentic as you can get and very affordable too!

Yutaka Izakaya is lcoated at 41-D Unit X Aurora Arcade, Aurora Blvd., Quezon City. For inquiries and deliveries, please call +63 2 713 6558 and 881 2313

One may think that organizing an intimate gathering is easy peasy. At the end of the day, I was the one who was too tired, I can't even move my legs. I might not do this again next year. Yeah, right!

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