Japan Fūdo Street Review | Japan Town @ Vertis Ginza

My family and I visited Ayala Malls' Vertis North last Saturday because Japan Town @ Vertis Ginza  is now open.

Seafood Chirashi Don Php 435
Salmon, Tuna, White Meat Fish and Chef's Choice 

As we explored the 4th floor, we passed by Kureji. It's a sizzling ramen noodle concept restaurant. I was curious all right but I was more attracted to the Japanese-street-food-cum-konbini concept of  Japan Fudo Street. 

Tempura Don Php 310

shrimp tempura over rice

I was expecting it to be a self-service restaurant since the first thing I saw was a cashier right next to the konbini. Anyway, we were immediately given a table and one of the staff took our orders.

Gyu Yakiniku Bento Php 380

vegetable tempura, *sunomono, soft tofu, rice and miso soup

*Sunomono is a term that refers to a range of vinegar-based Japanese foods and Japanese dishes. In Japanese, "su" means vinegar.

Gyu Don Php 290

thinly sliced beef with egg over rice

Dad had his usual Chirashi Don while I had Gyu Don. We had a mistake of ordering two dishes of the same kind- Gyu Don and Gyu Yakiniku Bento. Before I ordered, I asked the one who took our order if Gyu Don and Gyu Yakiniku beef cut is of the same cut and she said no. It turned out that both were sukiyaki-cut beef ; p

Takoyaki Php 120

Japan Fudo Street's Takoyaki needs improvement. It tasted bland and not all of the balls have squid inside. One of the balls I ate had chicken meat which tasted weird. Anyway, we also ordered Tamago Sashimi Php 80 (not in the photo) for my baby girl. 

Overall, the food and serving was not impressive. I have tasted better for almost the same price. I don't mind paying a bit more as long as the food is great. The service was okay. I hope the restaurant will improve before all the other restaurants inside Japan Town opens. 

Japan Fudo Street is located at the 4th Level, Japan Town @ Vertis Ginza, Ayala Malls Vertis North | For inquiries and reservations, please call +63945 492 2530. 

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