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A lot of home-based moms are guilty of multi-tasking and would leave their child with a gadget so they can continue on with their numerous tasks. I am guilty as charged ✋. But not anymore... with the introduction of PAI toys, I am assured that my daughter's time on the computer is well spent.

  • Cube-Tastic Php 1,200
  • Ocean Pets Php 2,800
  • Augie the Augmented Reality Robot Php 18,888- the first premiere coding robot with Augmented Reality. Learn to code by controlling the robot's movement, customizing the screen, and playing AR games!

Aside from offering easy ways to solve numerical problems, PAI toys' Augmented Reality teach the child how to differentiate animals from each other while simultaneously playing with variety of objects that are related to the activity being played. I think moms will agree with me when I say that we should buy toys that not only entertain our children but also offer the best learning experience for them.

PAI Technology is the only technology company that partners with parents to enhance their children's education and development through fun, imaginative STEAM-based play. 

(download from App Store or Google Play)

Scan, Learn and Solve!
 It's very easy to use
Helps develop problem solving skills, hand eye coordination and memory 
This high-quality puzzle cube is made of non-toxic and is 100% BPA free.

Ocean Pets
(download from App Store or Google Play)

Create your Own Virtual Aquarium! 
This will develop curiosity, creativity and responsibility.
Easy storage and cleanup, no assembly and batteries required. 

Bandari's Beats Php 1,980
(download from App Store)

Creative Music Rhythm Game!
Hands-on gameplay mode to encourage fun play of younger kids.
This develops sense of rhythm, music talent and hand-eye coordination. 

Just a reminder, don't forget to download on either App store or Google Play the activities that your children choose to play with. Some activities are only available in App store like Little Engineer Php 3,300, TJ's Tangram Php 1,980 and TJ's Math Adventure Php 3,300. 

(download from App Store or Google Play)

Build, Control, Code and Interact!
Safe blocks, smart block and multi-play.
Designed for kids 3-7 years old.
Larger size makes it easier for kids to build with. 

  • Paibloks Helicopter Php 2,000
  • Paibloks Police Car Php 2,000
  • Paibloks Crane Php 3,150
  • Paibloks Ambulance (remote controlled Php 3,500
  • Paibloks Racecar Php 3,500
  • Paibloks Bulldozer Php 3,500

It was an afternoon event filled with games that enhanced the children's critical thinking and developed their motor skills. My 5-year old daughter definitely enjoyed her playdate with PAI toys.

PAI toys by PAI Technology is available in all Rustan's and Hobbes & Landes stores
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