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When my mommy friends and I are looking for a place to eat breakfast at 7am, a fellow mom suggested Jobsite Cafe & Hobbies along Biak na Bato St., in Quezon City. She said that it's new and the location is so strategic that I can't miss it. And true enough, I was able to spot the cafe/car wash right away. It's gated with a security guard manning both the restaurant and the car wash so I felt safe inside.

Hungarian Sausage Php 168 with Coffee Php 30

I noticed that a lot of establishments in Quezon City are in close proximity to a car wash like Tazza and Serenitea to name a few. Jobsite Cafe & Hobbies is no different. It is located on the second floor just above the office of a car wash company which I forgot the name ; p

Luncheon Meat Php 140 with Caramel Latte Php 130

We have been back for almost a month now from our vacation and all our cars need TLC.  Upon inquiring, I was taken aback when I learned that it costs Php 185- car wash, vacuum and tire black. Our neighborhood car wash company offers the same for less. Anyway, I was already there and my car badly needed a wash. I really can't stand seeing the dirt so I agreed to whatever the amount it costs for my car to be washed.

Pork chop Rice Php 208 with Avocado Shake Php 130

As expected, the menu offers a few selection of food and drinks. For their breakfast menu, you can add coffee for only Php 30. I ordered Pork Chop Rice. Since it is not listed under breakfast, I decided to order an Avocado shake which is so good ; ) I wanted to try the Santol drink but I was worried it might upset my stomach. It will be definitely on my list when I return!

Jobsite Cafe & Hobbies is located at the 2nd floor, 108 Biak na Bato St., Siena, Quezon City | 
+63 2 2967528

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