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Staying in Canada for almost a month made DH and I missed most of the movies shown here in our local cinemas. The first thing in our agenda when we got back is a movie date. We watched Mission: Impossible- Fallout at one of our favorite theaters.

After watching the movie, we decided to have an early dinner with my side of the family in the newly opened Ohayo Maki and Ramen Bar along Granada Ave., in Quezon City. The restaurant is just beside Mien San. If you are familiar with the area, you know that parking is just limited to only a few cars. It just so happened that there's one vacant spot for our car to park. Yes, we are lucky like that!

Ohayo Maki and Ramen Bar's Tsukemen

Ohayo Maki and Ramen Bar's vibe reminded me of Oyasumi Ramen in P. Guevarra St., San Juan. I even thought that the two restaurants have the same owner. Upon entering, you can immediately see the bar where the food is being prepared. The restaurant was crowded with diners which means that business is doing well. We were quickly led to the second floor but there was only one couch and it was already occupied. So, we made our way back to the ground floor where we were able to settle at the bar. Well, 3 of us- DH, sis and I. My parents and my daughter shared a table just a few steps from us. The place is really small. Think about the ramen places in Japan. Yup, that small!

Tsukemen Php 390

Tsukenmen or Dipping Ramen is a ramen dish in Japanese cuisine consisting of noodles which are eaten after being dipped in a separate bowl of soup or broth. 

I apologize for the photos because the place was dimly-lit. I had to resort to flash and/or the phone's flashlight feature. 

Tantanmen Php 350

Tamtanmen is Japan's version of the Chinese Dandanmian. Tracing its origin from Sichuan cuisine, this noodle dish has the signature spicy and nutty flavor but instead of smothering the noodles in sauce, they're served in a thick, heavy broth!

Spicy Salmon Maki Php 250

Pork Floss Php 99

DH and I just had ramen the night before at Ramen Nagi so I ordered Pork Floss and Salmon Maki instead. We also ordered a 6-pc Ebi/ Shrimp Tempura (Php 350) but I didn't take photo of it anymore. Japanese rice costs Php 50. 

Except for the Ebi Tempura, I was able to taste Tsukemen (DH's order) and Tantanmen (my sister's order). It always pays to sit in between two ramen nazis ; p  I can't forget the taste of Tantanmen, I never knew that nuts and noodles go very well together until that night. Tsukemen is another story. I dislike complicated things, for example, dipping the noodles in a separate bowl of broth. Hmm, so, yeah, Tsukemen is definitely one ramen that I will never order. But who knows, I once said that I dislike noodles but here I am trying the latest ramen bar in town ; p

Ohayo Maki and Ramen Bar is located at th30 Granada Ave., Villa Ortigas, Valencia, Quezon City | +63 2 280 9657 

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