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We had lunch at Icho Greenhills earlier today to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. 

On our way, I called to inquire if the restaurant could still accommodate us. The receptionist told me there's an available seating for 6 at the tatami area. 

The restaurant has a guarded parking at the back. It even has a small entrance so you don't have to go around the front to enter the restaurant.

Icho Greenhills

This Japanese restaurant had a lot of food to offer- makimono, donburi, sushi, sashimi, and even hotpot.

Complimentary appetizers and house tea in pot were served to us upon seating.

Spicy Shake Sashimi Php 420

Spicy Salmon Roll Php 245

Two kinds of Spicy Salmon- sashimi and roll. One for DH and one for me. Yum!

Sushi & Sashimi Php 750

Dad had Sushi and Sashimi- 3 kinds of Sashimi and 5 kinds of Sushi. I can see Tuna and Salmon Sashimi, I don't know the third kind. For sushi, there's Tuna, Salmon, Saba, Ebi and Tamago.

Ebi Tempura Php 600

We ordered Tempura and Tori Teriyaki Jyu aka Chicken Teriyaki (not in the photo) for my daughter. The 5-piece Tiger prawns were huge!

The Chicken Teriyaki was dry, it needed an extra sauce on the side.

Gyu Sukiyaki Php 675

Cha Soba Php 285

We ordered two noodles- Cha Soba and Gyu Sukiyaki. The Sukiyaki tasted good and not too sweet. 

Unagi Don Php 685

I love unagi! I can't get enough of it. But Christmas is sharing so I shared it with my mom and sis.

We had a pleasant experience at Icho Greenhills.  If you noticed, it's a play on words from her sister company Choi Garden which is just on the same street.

Ichoi Japanese Restaurant is located at 6 Annapolis St., San Juan |+63 2 5350020

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