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Darlene, my friend and classmate from way back in elementary days, is back in town for a few weeks with her daughter. My daughter and I have been spending a lot of playtime with them. We have been to Kidzoona in Shangri-la Mall last week and they also spent an afternoon at our place last Wednesday. The other night, we had dinner at Yutaka Izakaya.

Our latest meetup was last night along with our other elementary classmate, Marilene, and her two boys at the newest Chinese restaurant in San Juan- Moon Rabbit Cafe. Just imagine putting all 4 kids in one place, it was a complete riot!

Moon Rabbit Cafe is situated at the lot vacated by EduPlay. It serves yummy Chinese cuisine. I had little to no expectation at all especially since this is an entirely new restaurant that opened just last June 28. I just wanted to check it out. My friends and I were completely blown away by the interiors and of course, the food. My friend can't stop gushing about the design and the huge space conducive to people who want to some peace and quiet, apparently not when our kids are around. They run around the restaurant tirelessly, so our apologies to the other diners last night.

Honestly, it looked more like a cafe than a Chinese restaurant. You would never have guessed it that they serve good food. But as soon as I entered the premises, I can smell "Mann Hann". I think that's a giveaway that our tummies will be happy for that night.

Moon Rabbit Cafe | F. Benitez + Ledesma Sts. San Juan

Hong Ma Php 195

Before we order, we asked the staff who waited on us how big is the serving size of each order. He replied that one order is good for 1-2 persons. I kidded him that maybe those are two hungry people he's talking about. I realized later on that he wasn't kidding. Hong Ma was served on a small plate. I cringed when I saw it but not for long because the meat was tender and the taste was so good even the kids appreciated it. 

Salted Egg Shrimp Php 250

One order of Salted Egg Shrimp is not enough so we ordered another one. Each serving has 7 shrimps, one for each of us. It was so delicious that kids can't get enough. My daughter loved it. She whispered to my ear that she will order it again when we go back with her dad... soon!

Ama's Homemade Meatballs Php 180

Kids love the homemade meatballs. It was filling and we would have ordered another one but we decided to order another item on the menu- Sliced Beef.

Sliced Beef Php 280

The beef looks pale and unappetizing but it really hits the spot. Surprisingly, it tasted good, not the Chinese style beef that I'm used to that was way too peppery. It's lightly seasoned and tender.

Yang Chow with Chinese Sausage Php 160

With 2 growing boys, we ordered 3 cups of Yang Chow with Chinese Sausage. Not much ingredients on this one, will try to order white rice next time ; p

Still with no Service Charge, our bill amounted to Php 1,635. I find it inexpensive for a yummy treat!

Moon Rabbit Cafe + Restaurant is located at
2 Ledesma St. cor. F. Benitez St., Pasadena, San Juan
+632 5294706

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