Ayumi Ange Curl Lash + Resha Anti-Aging Spalia Gold Facial Experience

It's December and right now, I am swamped with invites to attend various parties and reunions with families and friends. Eeep... I need a makeover 😁

Ayumi Greenhills

Last Friday, I visited Ayumi (Greenhills) Japan Eyelash & Nail Art Salon located at the Mezzanine Level Unimart to avail of Ange Curl Lash and Resha's Anti-Aging Spalia Gold Facial.

I started my morning with a 60-minute relaxing facial treatment called Anti-Aging Spalia Gold Facial Php 1,800). Okay, calm down, the treatment doesn't involve pricking. If it does, I will not be even writing about it. I am blessed with a pimple-free skin but not a flawless one because I have freckles. But freckles are the least of my concern, I embrace them wholeheartedly.

My problem is that the condition of my facial skin is ever-evolving... 
  • Oily- when I was in my 20's
  • Dry- when I was in my 30's
  • Combination- current state of my skin at 40
Thank goodness for facial treatments like Anti-Aging Spalia Gold Facial. It is designed to boost hydration, plump and firm the skin with the eminence spalia beauty collection hydrating facial. I literally didn't wash my face for two days because I want all the benefits to seep into my skin. 

Anti-Aging Spalia Gold | Step by Step 
  • Cleansing Gel
  • Peeling Gel
  • Moist Wash
  • Milk Emulsion
  • Essence Lotion
  • Skin Cream
  • Lift  Power Serum
  • Bio Cellulose Point Mask
  • Esteria Gold Hydrogel Mask

It was during the steaming process that my face benefited the most. The steam opened my pores. It felt so good that I nearly dozed off to sleep. Another part that I enjoyed is the suction process where there was a tool that sucks all the impurities out of my skin.

And of course, the highlight of it all, the Ki.N.Bi Esteria Gold Hydrogel Mask. One (1) sheet mask contains 8 beauty ingredients- Gold Colloid, Human Adipocyte, Conditioned Media Extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Arbutin Placental, Lipidure and EGF.

The suppleness of my facial skin was immediately felt right after the treatment. There's an instant glow that radiates until the next day. It was recommended to not wash the face for 5 hours after the treatment. Well, I didn't wash my face until the next day. I didn't even wear makeup/powder/foundation. When I went out, I only have to draw on my eyebrows and that's it.

Ayumi Japan Eyelash & Nail Art Salon | Ange Curl Lash

It has been over a week since I had my Ange Curl Lash (Php 3,500) at Ayumi and I am happy to report that the lash extensions are still intact.

What I love about Ange Curl Lash is that it looks natural on my lashes. Actually, my normal lashes but way better. After the procedure, my eyelashes look like I used an eyelash curler and applied mascara on.

Ayumi Japan Eyelash & Nail Art Salon uses sable lashes. It is ideal and recommended for those who have very thin natural eyelashes like mine. It is the thinnest and softest among all types of false eyelashes. The other types are Mink and Silk Eyelash Extensions.

I love the Ange Curl Lash effect on me especially in photos. My eyes look bigger and wide open  without too much effort. I am lazy like that, I would normally just draw on my eyebrows and I am out of the door kind of person. This procedure made me look glamorous even without trying.

Ayumi Greenhills is located at the
Mezzanine Level Unimart
Greenhills, San Juan
0917-130 6637
Operating Hours: 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM
Instagram: @ayumi.eyelash

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