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Clemency | My First Ever Doc Martens

Last Monday afternoon, I rushed to Dr. Martens boutique located at SM Megamall. The night before I was talking to one of the social media managers of Dr. Martens Philippines via their Facebook page. I learned that a new shipment for Clemency boots (Women's Leather Heeled) had arrived and deliveries were made as early as last weekend in their other boutique, SM NORTH EDSA.

with Dr. Martens SA giving me a thumbs up sign

Dr. Martens Pascal  | Difference Between Wanama + Virginia Leather

I have been eying Dr. Marten brand for awhile now but I can't seem to decide on what model to buy for my first pair. A few weeks back, I went to Dr. Martens SM Megamall boutique and even inside the department store to check out and try on Dr. Martens Pascal- a 1460 Women's line. 

I checked out Virginia (cheaper at PhP 8,490) and Wanama (PhP8,990). Both are under the Dr. Martens Pascal line. Both were constructed using Goodyear welted soles- an air-cushion feature. It is Dr. Marten's claim to fame. The sole is heat-sealed and stitched to the leather upper to trap air inside the air pockets. 

The difference lies on the leather upper used. Virginia leather is a wonderfully soft classic Nappa leather with fine natural milled effect in the classic Italian tradition while Wanama leather is a lightweight, natural-looking leather with a satin-sheen finish. 

Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation | Donate PhP 200 + Get Extra PhP 1000 Promo

Both are now on sale online and in-store. Base discount for the Pascal line is PhP1,500. Get an extra PhP 1,000 off if you donate PhP200 (cash) to their store for the benefit of the adopted schools of Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation.

The Original Docs 1460 | Cherry Red Boots

Since the pascal line has narrower and slimmer features than the original Dr. Martens 1420 boots, I need to go up one size from my usual UK4 (US6). Dr. Martens do not offer half sizes, like never. But even with the size up, the fit of Pascal is not comfortable. 

Dr. Martens Classic 1460 Original Docs Boot in Cherry Red PhP 8,490

I am not an impulsive buyer especially when it comes to big ticket-items like Dr. Martens boots. Yes, even if I found out that Dr. Martens Pascal Wanama (in Olive) was at 50% off in Lazada last 12.12. I was able to control myself from spending a lot of money to a product that I am most likely going to hate because it's so uncomfortable. 

The Search is On | How did I end up with Clemency?!

And so while browsing through a Dr. Martens Philippines Buy & Sell Facebook page, someone posted a photo of Clemency and it was love at first sight. Before finding out about Clemency, I only knew about Jadon 8 Eye Platform Boots. No offense but I find it so clunky. It was not even on my wish list. The Clemency, on the other hand, looks so feminine and sexy. 

Dr. Martens Clemency Wanama Boots PhP 8,990

Dr. Martens Clemency line has two kinds- Smooth and Wanama. Smooth Leather epitomises Dr. Martens footwear, it is durable and famously stiff to start with, it moulds to your feet and gets more comfortable with wear. Smooth leather can be polished to a dapper shine or artfully scuffed up depending on your preference. I think Clemency Smooth was discontinued already. As far as I know, it is not even made available for the Philippine market. 

Aside from the leather upper, another difference between Dr. Martens Clemency Smooth and Wanama lies in the color of the eyelets. Smooth has an all black 8-eye while Wanama has bronze-like eyelets.

Dr. Martens Clemency | Release Date 

The thing with Dr. Martens, they don't post the release date of the shoes on their website so I don't know how long Clemency has been existing. The earliest video that I can find for Clemency Smooth is 2013. Please post in the comment section if you are an expert on Docs. 

Update: Dr. Martens Clemency Smooth Release Date is August 16, 2012 while Dr. Martens Clemency Wanama was released on August 18, 2019. 

Why I love Clemency Wanama?! | So comfortable... no need to break-in!

I was searching online for Dr. Martens Clemency Wanama when I found out that one of the two Philippine distributor is carrying it... yey! That's the reason why I went to SM Megamall last Monday. I want to be the first one to try it on.

Dr. Martens AirWair heel loop

Our 1460 has been given an empowering boost. Enhanced with stacked heel sole, the Clemency boot is built with lightweight Wanama leather. Reinforced with our trademark yellow stitching. Our signature AirWair heel loop cements the core Docs DNA. 

  • Born on 1st April 1960, hence the name 1460. Over six decades our 8-eye 1460 has become iconic
  • Goodyear Welted construction. This means that it is heat-sealed at 700°C and reinforced with our signature welt stitch. 

From the moment I tried on the size UK4, the Clemency fits well. Yes, true to size. I don't need to size up anymore. I don't even have to buy those expensive insoles. Maybe it's the elevated heel or I don't know... whatever! 

It really looks like the Pascal line (plus the 2-inch heel), only Clemency fits so much better. The SA told me that I should be able to wiggle my toes inside without a hitch. I knew then that it fits perfectly!

I was initially reluctant to buy a pair of boots with heels but don't let the 2-inch heel fool you. I was able to walk and drive wearing these boots. It didn't even feel like I am wearing boots with heels at all. I love it!

Docs every day #costperuse

I hope my Dr. Martens Clemency boots will last long. I read a lot of bad reviews online. A lot of people have been commenting that Dr. Martens shoes manufactured in Asia are not as long lasting as the ones that are Made in England (MIE). That's my only fear... huhuhu

Dr. Martens Clemency Boots is priced at PhP 8,990. There's an on-going promo for Docs Core DNA- donate PhP 200, you will receive PhP 1000 off until the end of 2020. 

How to spot a fake Dr. Martens (Docs/DMs) in my next entry! In the meantime, check out the unique shoelace pattern I created with my DOCs.

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