Shoelace Pattern For Your Dr. Martens (DMs/DOCs)

 Dr. Martens Clemency Wanama boots last month, I have been experimenting on ways on how to style the shoelaces. 

So far, I have tried two ways/methods of tying my shoelace- straight bar lace technique and this unique cross pattern that I found on my Instagram feed. The following photos show how easy it is to follow, no need for any instructional video. 

Let's get started...

First Step: Insert the shoelace into the first eyelet with the ends up. Make sure the length are even on both sides. 

Second Step: Choose which side you will work on. The photo shows the left side. Place a straw on top of your chosen side. Pick up the left aiglet (the end or tip of the shoe lace) and circle (over) it around the straw. Insert the lace on the second eyelet with the aiglet up. 

Third Step: Remove the straw when you are done working all the way up. Photo shows how the lace should look like upon removing the straw with the aiglet still pointing upwards. 

Fourth Step: Let's begin working on the right side, shall we? Insert the right aglet on the first loop (left). The right aiglet should exit through the second eyelet as seen on the photo. Continue doing until you reach the last eyelet. 

Fifth Step: Tie both ends as usual. 

I will continue to share unique shoelace patterns in my next posts. Enjoy! 


Credits all belong to the owner of this shoelace pattern idea.

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