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Shopee Return/Refund Policy

Since the beginning of pandemic, I have been ordering various items from Shopee. Naturally, not all of them arrived in perfect condition, some did not even arrive at all. So far, I have experienced a total of eight (8) items for Return/Refund. My first Shopee Return/Refund experience was last June of 2020.  Each and every refund/return was already completed as of this writing.

*sample photo for reference only

Very Important... Please Read!

Before anything else, make sure that you DID NOT tap that "ORDER RECEIVED" button. If you have already tapped it and still want to request for return/refund, you have to directly contact the Shopee seller. You need a lot of luck with that. Read on ONLY if you did not tap "Order Received".

So, the question is....

What is the first thing you have to do in....

Case #1 | Missing Item/Item not Delivered

My first experience was from an overseas seller. Item ordered was not included in the package. It was missing. I contacted the seller and discussed the options. 

Option 1: Seller re-issue the missing product meaning seller will ship the missing product on my next order (see Case2.B).

Option 2: Seller gives refund.

I opted for the latter.

Step by Step Guide Shopee Refund Only

1. In Shopee Homepage, click the Me (profile) tab at the lower right portion
2. Click To Receive (truck) icon
3. From the list, click on the "photo"
4. On the lower left corner, click Return/Refund
5. Tick the item/s missing
6. Select Reason as follows: 

    • Did not receive the order
    • Received an incomplete product (missing quantity or accessories)
    • Received the wrong product/s (e.g. wrong size, wrong colour, different product)
    • Received a product with physical damage (E.g. dented scratched, shattered)
    • Received a faulty product (e.g. malfunction, does not work as intended)

    7. Add photo and Description
    8. Check your correct email address
    9. Click Submit
    10. Wait for Seller to Confirm... that's it!

    In the case of missing item/s, Shopee will refund in your Shopee Wallet the full amount requested (max. amount paid is stated and supplied by the app) including Shopee coins used.

    The refund duration depends on how fast the seller reply and comply. In my experience, it can be as fast as a few minutes (if seller cooperates) or it can take days if the seller wants Return of item/s before Refund which I will discuss in the last part of this entry. 

    Case #2 | Received Wrong Products

    This category can be a little tricky. 

    Case 2.A. I encountered a local seller who haggled with me for the amount to be refunded. The messages went back and forth. Seller wanted me to give up and just put up with whatever his/her counteroffer (gave me a lowball figure). Not me, I didn't budge. I ended up getting 60% of the amount requested plus the wrong item received (I did not return it anymore). Now, I have 2 pieces of black top of the same kind  ; p 

    Case 2.B. My experience with an overseas seller is different. Upon informing the seller of the situation, the seller requested for cancellation of Refund request. In return, seller sent my (correct) order along with my new order. That is why it is very important to chat with the seller first.

    NOTE: This is only applicable if you have a pending order or if you are planning to order other item/s on the seller's shop. 

    On a side note... One seller blocked me upon returning the damaged item they sent. Shopee refunded the full amount in my Shopee Wallet. I was not aware at that time that I can reimburse the shipping cost from Shopee Seller (via app, of course). If I knew that it can be done, I would have chosen the most expensive shipping arrangement just to get back at that particular seller ; p I ended up not getting shipping reimbursement because I don't remember filling for it but now I know better.

    Hmmm... did Shopee just implemented the rule now because of rampant abuse from sellers (shipping out slow moving and/or sometimes damaged items instead of what you ordered)?

    Shopee Return and Refund Experience

    My latest experience was for a Return and Refund. This is one tedious process on the buyer's part. On top of receiving the wrong item, getting your money back is not a walk in the park. 

    Why? Read on...

    Again, to avoid delay, I suggest to contact the seller first to see if the seller can offer an amiable solution to your problem (read Cases 1 and 2). I felt that at this point, you are at the mercy of the seller. I would strongly suggest that you read reviews first before buying an item to avoid situations like Return and Refund. 

    But of course, sh*t happens! This latest encounter happened with my Shopee suki. I know that I will get refunded but as I have said, the Return process is stressful and will take days. 

    Anyway, after you have done everything, here's what you have to do next...

    Who will shoulder the shipping fee back to the Shopee seller?

    First- It's your job to file for a Return/Refund via app. I know... I know... that's how I felt too. I want my money back and I have to go through all these?! That's what most of the sellers want you to feel too. Most of the buyers would just accept their fate. Ha! But if you have enough of time on your hands like me, just do it. To teach these sellers not to treat their buyers like crap! 

    Step 2-  Book your own courier or driver (Grab, Lalamove or other delivery apps can also be used).

    Step 3 Make sure to send screenshots of the item/s to return, the amount paid together with the Tracking Number. Lastly, do not forget to include in the photo the Request ID provided.

    Note: Unless it is with J&T (drop-off), no waybill will be provided when you are booking your own courier. Just copy, paste and print the address given by the seller make sure to include the Request ID # given by Shopee for faster transaction (see photo above). You can find all these instructions as you go along the Shopee app. 

    Step 3 Wait for seller to receive the item/s and acknowledge on the app. Once seller approves, the refund will automatically be credited on your Shopee Wallet, yes, including Shopee coins. 

    Step 4 Wait for Shopee to refund the amount you paid for the shipping of returned item/s to the seller. This will take 5 up to 7 working days. But you will get your money back. 

    To answer the question posted above, I think it is the Shopee seller who will shoulder the shipping fee but you have to pay for it first directly to the delivery app/driver.

    I only go out once or twice a week so dropping the package to the nearest J&T outlet is out of the question. Hello... that's why I shop online because I do not like to go out during pandemic! Besides, returning via delivery app is so much faster. The seller can receive the items on the same day. That said, you can get refunded on the same day too (provided the seller has already approved it on the app). 

    Got a story to tell? Share your Shopee Return and Refund experience in the comment section.

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