Guide to Work From Bed Set Up | Why I am Doing it?

I have been working from my bed since the beginning of my daughter's school break. Despite the many negative reasons on why I should not work from bed, I still did it anyway. Because why not?!

My daughter stays in the bedroom with me. While she is watching her favorite show on television, I can work from the comforts of my bed. We save on electricity because we only turned on one air conditioner instead of two if we stay in different rooms. Plus, I can monitor what she's watching or doing. It's win-win situation. 

Youpin Jiezhi Folding Small Tray Table (JZ0021) | Features

How did I do it? One of the first things I bought was a white foldable tray table for laptop. It is from Xiaomi and it is described as Youpin Jiezhi Folding Small Tray Table (21.5 inches  x 14.1 inches  x 10.7 inches) and weighs approximately 1331g (1.3kg).  What I like about it....

  • foldable and easy to assemble
  • once fixed the legs are sturdy 
  • designed with a tablet slot (16.5 inches in length) and 2 pen holders
  • charging hole to avoid messy wires
  • made from polypropylene material

My laptop is 17.5 inches and it fits perfectly with some room for my celphone stand and a wireless mouse. I bought it from a Shopee store named Norton Store (All Lucky Innovation PH) for only PhP498 including shipping. The retail price is PhP599. 

Prior to my new laptop tray table, I used to lie on my stomach while working on my laptop. Sometimes, I use my old tray table but it has borders around the table making it difficult for me to type as I blog. I am so happy that I found one that looks minimalist and works well for me. 

I bought also bought a wooden tray table that doubles as my daughter's iPad holder when she watches YouTube videos. 

Made from high quality bamboo material, this wooden lap desk is safe, sturdy and durable to use. It measures 

The table to can be flat as seen in the photo or can be tilted in 4 varying angles. It has a small drawer that can fir usb, pens and even eraser.

Surplus Foldable Zen Japanese Tatami Chair | Floor Sofa Chair Features

Recently, my husband bought not just 1 but 3 Surplus Foldable Zen Japanese Tatami Chairs. It doubles as my computer chair and a lounge chair for our movie nights. It measures at 45 inches x 21.5 x 3.5 inches. It retails for PhP1,999 but it is now on sale at PhP999. He ordered the chairs from ShopSM with PhP149 delivery fee. Cheaper shipping fee than ordering via Lazada (the approximate shipping/delivery cost for 3 chairs is PhP450). He also received a PhP 200 discount voucher for Father's Day. The total amount he paid was only PhP 2946.

  • Cushiony
  • Cotton Fabric
  • 6 recline angles from flat to 90 degrees
  • available in different colors like brown, black, gray and purple

To use:

  1. Recline the floor chair until you hear a solid click
  2. Chair will remain at that angle
  3. To return to the original flat position, move the backrest forward past 90 degrees to release lock mechanism. 

I used to pile up a lot of pillows to support my back but not anymore. With this new tatami lounge chair, I can sit comfortably and my back is not slouching anymore. I am using the tatami chair as I type this entry. 

Tylex XE07 Power Strip Box | Features

Other things to consider when working from your bed set-up are the proximity of your work area to the electrical socket for a good power supply. I don't have any problem with that but if you do, I highly recommend Tylex XE07 Power Strip Box 5 Universal Socket Port + 3 USB Charging Port 2M Thicken Copper Cord 100V-250V to keep all the unsightly wires well-hidden inside the minimalist designed box.  I bought this from Tylex Lazada Mall for PhP 749 each. I bought 2 pieces for our bedside tables. Shipping fee is only PhP 54. With Lazada voucher and coins, Shipping voucher, Tylex shop voucher and promotion, the total amount I paid is only PhP1,242.24. What a steal!

  • keeps your desktop tidy with its minimalist design
  • main control switch button hidden on the side
  • L-Shape design for cable management
  • 5 ways universal power socket and 3 USB port
  • protects against spikes, fluctuations and electromagnetic interference
  • fire-proof pc material

I don't recommend placing a drink or food on the table as you work. Good thing, I have my bedside table for all that. Everything else is within arm's reach so that I can work seamlessly all the time. Lastly, your WIFI connection better have a great signal in your bedroom than elsewhere in the house. 

Thanks for reading. Please leave me a note or two in the comment section. 

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