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Attended a wedding for the first time in 3 years💜 I have nothing to wear because all my long dresses were too big, I already sold them all 🤑.Meanwhile, the lining of my high-heeled shoes were peeling off 😭 Total waste of money 💸

Thankful, I have lost a lot of weight because I can now borrow my sister's clothes and shoes 🤑. I now fit into shoe size 5 💋

Skin Preparation | by MrsMartinez

Just so you know, I am quite loyal to makeup brands. I applied the following skin preparation:

🌸The Body Shop Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate.

🌸The Body Shop Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream.

🌸Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen.

🌸Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 21.

🌸Orogold 24KbCollagen Renewal Lip Balm.

Wedding Guest | Make-up by MrsMartinez

👩‍🎤 The Saem Contour and Highlighter Saemumul Half &Half Stick Blusher 03.

👩‍🎤 Max Factor Masterpiece Max High Volume & Definition Mascara.

👩‍🎤 The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil 03 Brown.

👩‍🎤 Color Deep Korea 18 Color eyeshadow palette #PinkHoliday.

👩‍🎤 The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain Pink Hibiscus 001.

👩‍🎤 Missha Cotton Blush.

👩‍🎤 Mac Cosmetics lip pencil Cherry.

👩‍🎤 Ever Bilena Matte Lip Liner Pink.

Makeup brushes used are from Shiseido and Charm Makeup Brushes

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