Vinamit Mix Fruit Chips | Review

Gusto mo mag chips pero on a diet ka? Well, I got you!đŸĨ°

We have been snacking on Vinamit Mix Fruit Chips. At dahil gusto naming todo todo ang pagka feeling healthy, Mix Fruit Chips ang version na binibili ni hubby.

Aside from fruits like banana and jackfruit, meron din dried veggies like carrots, okra, ampalaya, taro at kamote (?) if I am not mistaken 🤭

These are dried fruits and veggies with no added preservatives. It is good to know that these are freshly picked produce thus retaining the natural color and taste. So, yeah, mapait pa din un ampalaya 😂 Kaya pag kinakain ko, eh, sasabayan ko ng isang banana chip. At least kaya na ng  powers ko at masasabi ko na na kumakain na ako ng ampalaya 😝

Shop Vinamit Mix Fruit Chips here:

169/100g pack
Buy 2 or more to avail of
free shipping and 50 cashback 👌

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