Buy 1 Take 1 Steak at Pepper Lunch in Century Mall with Enjoy Card | Restaurant Review

Pepper Lunch
Lower Ground Floor,
Century Mall

My Enjoy Card, the Philippines' premiere VIP privilege card, is expiring this end of March. I chanced upon a Buy 1 Take 1 voucher at Pepper Lunch while browsing through its list of restaurants. I was lucky because there's a new branch in Century Mall and the manager allowed its use even if the branch is not yet listed in the voucher.

dad posing with my Tokusen "Big" Ribeye Steak PhP 635

I chose the most expensive item on the menu, the Tokusen "Big" Ribeye steak and then I handed the Enjoy Card together with the Buy 1 Take 1 voucher to the cashier. Imagine... two orders of ribeye steak for the price of one! What a steak overload day it was! *heart palpitating*

Pepper Lunch Teriyaki Double Salmon PhP 395

My dad can't eat meat that day because he was scheduled for an endoscopy procedure the other day. He settled for Teriyaki Double Salmon. An order consists of two pieces of grilled salmon with cabbage, corn and french beans on the side. I think there was a bowl of rice too (not in the photo). 

The cabbage emitted a pungent smell that overpowered the scent of salmon grilling on a hot plate. The salmon was fresh and not overcooked. My dad liked it so all was good. 

Pepper Lunch Tokusen "Big" Ribeye Steak PhP 635

My order of Tokusen "Big" Ribeye Steak was served on a hot grilling plate with special butter on top and vegetables on the side.

Step 1: Spread the butter on top of the steak

Step 2: Turn over the beef until it's cooked

voila! you now have a cooked steak!

Step 3 is Eat and enjoy your steak. Mom, my sister and I shared two steaks. Well, I take it back. Hmmm, mom and my sister shared an order hahaha And I had one steak for myself lol I totally enjoyed it. I didn't even dip my steak in the two sauces that were provided on the table. 

The steaks were juicy and flavorful. My mom doesn't like the peppery taste though but I am definitely going back even without the buy one get one voucher!

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