Sunsilk Hairkada Adventure with Sarah G., Julia Montes and Jasmine Curtis-Smith!

I am going on a Hairkada Adventure on April 10-14 with 2 of my closest friends in college. For four days, we can let our hair down and enjoy what girls love to do, we are going to Malaysia to eat, shop and well, eat and shop again! I am so excited! I got a glimpse of the wonderful adventure I am going to have with my girl friends last night at the #SunsilkHairkada event with brand ambassadors Sarah Geronimo, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Julia Montes.

(left to right) Julia Montes, Sarah Geronimo and Jasmine Curtis-Smith

OMG! Sarah Geronimo showed up with a super short 'do! I have never seen her in such a short hair cut. Whatever her reasons in cutting her hair short, it suits her. She looks youthful and radiant that day.

feeling artista din lang ang peg ko lol

Thanks Rowena for this artistahin photo lol Thanks also to Pond's Flawless White BB+ Cream for my spotless and radiant skin.

Sunsilk Fashion booth
Dupe flip flops with Pininho hearts

Rowena and I were one of the few early birds at the event. Naturally, we went for the Sunsilk Fashion booth first where we designed our very own flip flops with our signature Pininho. I chose heart.. wild!

arts and crafts
lots of pins for my baby girl

I am not a crafty lady so I hoarded on headbands, clips and pins for my little baby girl hahaha Hoard talaga ang word for the day!

next stop... trampoline!

The hairband was from Sunsilk Fashion booth... taray!

photo courtesy of BridgesPR

Buti nalang di nawarak un pants ko! I didn't know that I can jump that high and split my legs midair lol Kung maka PUSH talaga si Franco, o!

Sunsilk Salon

This is the only booth that I didn't get to try the service... sayang! But I took home a lot of shampoos and conditioners from the Sunsilk Co-Creations Smooth & Manageable variant. It's co-created by Yuko Yamashita and it contains 5 natural oils which deeply nourish each strand leaving your hair smot and fragrant all day long!

Sunsilk Music

Siempre, bilang hairkada, di namin pinalampas nila  Franco and Rowena ang Dancing Heads to the tune of Lady Marmalade! Super give na give kami hahaha I wish I knew how to upload the hilarious video here lol

Finally... it's show time!
Cute... I want to take it home with me!
Pancake House spaghetti and chicken... ftw!
I was this close to Sarah Geronimo!
and to these two vibrant new brand ambassadress of Sunsilk, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Julia Montes
Julia Montes was gracious enough to look straight into my camera
Sam Oh hosted #SunsilkHairkada event at Greenfield District
Tricia of BridgesPR handed out pink balloons to everyone
I got one where I wrote what #SunsilkHairkada Adventure I had in mind

My ultimate #SunsilkHairkada adventure is to go on a 3 day/ 2 night trip to Coron, Palawan with my barkada together with our husbands and kids!

and we released this balloons hoping that our wishes will come true
Sunsilk family
Sunsilk Co-Creations Smooth & Manageable Shampoo & Conditoner by Yuko Yamashita

Find out how you can have your very own #SunsilkHairkada Adventure courtesy of Sunsilk by logging in their Hair Experts fan page. Don't forget to add the hash tag when submitting your photo. Follow @SunsilkPH on Twitter and Instagram for more details.
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