Hatch 22 by Erwan Heussaff | Restaurant Review

My sister met up with her friends from Ateneo in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell last Saturday. I was not really planning to go but she asked me if I could drive her and I said yes. Since we were already there, I might as well try Erwan Heussaff's Hatch 22 Cafe & Bakery.

ack... my original hair color is already showing in this photo

After buying an extra charger for her new iPhone 5S, we went straight to Hatch 22 for an afternoon snack. The cafe was filled with diners even though it was way past lunch time, a nice indication of good things to come.

I think we waited for a good 15 minutes or so, we were on the verge of walking out to find another restaurant when we were called. I was hoping to be seated on the couch but was given a table near the bar and bakeshop instead. From where we were seated, #babyMartinez was able to roam around freely without disturbing others who were very busy eating Hatch 22's various items on the menu.

Bread Basket #2 (clockwise starting from lower left)- Spanish Bread, Ensaymada, Pan de Month, Pandicoco and Chicken Empanada

We all like Pandicoco and Spanish Bread. I expected a heftier Chicken Empanada for the amount we paid. Pan de Month was bland, it was the biggest bread though.

here's another take of Bread Basket #2

Bread Basket #1 has Butter Brioche, Raisin and Walnut, Dark Rye, Jalapeno and Cheddar Bread, and Herbed Foccacia also for PhP 280.

dad holding a plate of Fried Chicken Asian Salad

I want to order French Onion Soup but it was out of stock and I didn't want to order the other two that were on the menu- Tomato and Chickpea Soup and What'Sup Doc. Soup is priced at PhP 185/each.

Fried Chicken Asian Salad PhP 340

The Pink Panda House Dressing was the deciding factor in choosing what salad to order. I was wrong, I thought it was sweet and tangy, it was not. The good news is, you can eat the salad even without the dressing. The chicken and wontons were crispy and the greens were fresh. We love the cherry tomatoes, almonds and the mandarin oranges too.

I want to try A Man's Salad (PhP 650) on my next visit. It's Angus Ribeye, wedge lettuce, bleu cheese dressing, homemade bacon, beet and tomato mixed herbed croutons.

dad together with my Hatch Signature Burger PhP 410

Hatch Signature Burger PhP 410

The size of the patty was tiny, it can fit the palm of my hand. They should have combined two patties instead of splitting it into two, it would be better for visual presentation. The pungent smell of the Smoked Bacon was so empowering that I mistook it for uncooked meat.

Double Fried Fried that went with Hatch Signature Burger

mom ordered a cup of Matutum PhP 120

my family at Hatch 22

I can't imagine I could eat all that bread in one seating but I did lol It was a nice experience, I plan to check out Erwan Heussaff's new restaurant, The Pink Panda Southeast Asian Diner next. Incidentally, Hatch 22 is open for breakfast as early as 7am.

Hatch 22 is located at the Ground Floor, Rockwell Drive, Makati (09151097711). Prices are VAT inclusive. Service Charge is added to your bill. Senior Citizen Card accepted.

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