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My college girl friends and I will never run out of reasons to meet up and chat. We usually do this every so often at a new restaurant that we have not tried. Last month, we ended up in Twist (Comfort Food + Difference) located in the same building as Big D's Smokehouse. For this particular meeting, we booked a hotel to stay in Malaysia. I requested to be seated right next to a power source ; p The waiter was helpful, he even let us borrow an extension cord for my lola MacBook that could not operate without the power cord... ayayay!

(left to right) moi, Gevi with her daughter and Cats

Twist was featured on KrisTV. I was watching it while having a slimming treatment at Marie France... how ironic, isn't it? Anyway, I urged my friends to give it a try even though there were not so many good reviews online.

Pardon the photo, the lighting was bad, plus, the waiter's hands were shaky. Okay, that, and my camera's flash was not working ; p

Smoked Salmon PhP 320

Twist's Smoked Salmon is a must-try. The thinly-sliced salmon with caviar is sandwiched in between Brioche, served with truffle fries on the side.  Deadly and expensive but worth every calorie.

Warm Arugula + Spinach PhP 330

While writing this entry, I noticed that my friends ordered most of the more expensive items on the menu like this Warm Arugula + Spinach. It was a measly serving of spinach, fried buffalo cheese and gorgonzola. Eh, we all loved cheese so we ended up fighting over the last piece lol Seriously, the management should have added more greens and cheese to this salad.

Paella Pasta PhP 395

Cathleen ordered Paella Pasta which was good but nothing that I can't recreate in the kitchen... naks! Seriously speaking, pasta dishes are the easiest to cook provided you know how to make the noodles al dente. Tama?

1000 Ways To All-Day Breakfast PhP 295

Since I am a predictable kind of person, I ordered 1000 Ways To All-Day Breakfast. This order is what the restaurant is famous for. You can choose any three from USDA Beef Sukiyaki Tapa, Honeycured Pork Tocino, Maple Beef Belly Bacon, English Corned Beef, Limepeel Tinapa, Naked Longganiza and Airdried Seafood Bounty. Served with Garlic Rice Pilaf or Toast, two eggs cooked any way you like and a choice of coffee, tea, orange or apple juice.

This is my 1000 Ways To All-Day Breakfast...

USDA Beef Sukiyaki Tapa

Naked Longganiza

Honeycured Pork Tocino

Half of the Honeycured Pork Tocino was laden with fat. Naked Longganiza was good while the USDA Beef Sukiyaki Tapa was unmemorable.

Twist Truffle Butter Melba Toast (complimentary)

Veggie and Fruit Crossover PhP 125

Aside from the orange juice that went well with my main course, I ordered a glass of Veggie and Fruit Crossover. Do not get intimidated by its name because it is just cucumber and grape shake and it was really good!

Frozen Raspberry Iced Tea PhP 95

Cathleen ordered a glass of Frozen Raspberry Iced Tea which she could not finish because it was too sweet. She even poured some cold water in it, it was still sweet. She didn't finish the drink... sayang!

The restaurant provided a free WiFi so we were able to book a hotel room through I can't wait to fly and shop!

Twist is located in Unit F 2nd Floor PO's Building, Scout Madrinan (in front of Il Terrazzo), Quezon City.
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