Let's Make Saturday A #SigeSabado Day

Being a hands-on mom has its perks because I get to witness my baby grow up to be well-rounded and happy. But sometimes, I have a tendency to be overprotective, I don't like her to play outside and get dirty.

Breeze, one of the country's leading detergent brands, wants to change this type of mindset. It strongly believes that life's lessons are best learned through experience. It came up with #SigeSaMantsa philosophy where it encourages moms to allow their kids to be kids and explore and learn positive values even at the expense of getting dirty and stained.

Breeze Sige Mom Circle- Barbie Almalbis-Honasan, Carmina Vilaroel-Legaspi, Christine Bersola-Babao, Nikki Valdez, Dimples Romana, Glady Reyes with the emcee Suzi Entrata-Abrera

Last Saturday, Breeze launched the #SigeSabado Movement. It encourages moms to dedicate Saturday to their kids so that they can create lasting memories by doing fun activities together. It's okay to get dirty because what matters most are the values learned, memories created and fun enjoyed in the process.

Jay Go, Unilever Home Care Marketing Director with her daughter

 "Kids learn best when they're having fun with their moms. Through the Sige Sabado Movement, we hope to cultivate a stronger, more loving relationship between moms and their kids. After all, no matter how busy life gets, we should lways make time for the ones who matters most. If this leads to stains, it's okay. Dirts and stains are temporary, memories and lessons are permanent. Sige sa mantsa! Sige sa learning!" said Jay Go, Unilever Home Care Marketing Director

 Here are the fun activities Breeze prepared that day...

canvas painting

cupcake decorating

mom and kid photo booth

Breeze is mom's number one partner in removing stains. With Breeze, mom's are worry-free and kids can play and learn in the process.

Breeze Sige Mom Circle with their kids

Breeze Sige Mom Circle- Nikki Valdez, Barbie Almalbis-Honasan, Carmina Vilaroel-Legaspi, Christine Bersola-Babao, Glady Reyes and Dimples Romana

Dimples Romana and her daughter with Ateneo de Manila University professor Wittam Bautista

Dimples Romana and her daughter designed a plain looking apron using watercolors and some tape. They came up with a colorful apron. It was a fun activity to watch.

look who is so excited with her Sige Sabado Playbox

I took home a Sige Sabado Playbox, the moment #babyMartinez laid her eyes on it, she can't contain her excitement. She wanted to see what's inside the box.

what's inside Sige Sabado Playbox

  • Tie-Dye Kit
  • Harlequin Mask
  • Raise a Monggo Plant
  • Animal Balloon Papier Mache
  • Popsicle Stick Pen Holder
  • Make Your Own Slime
  •  Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs
  • Choco Art

#babyMartinez was so curious with the mask so Harlequin it is!

What you need:

  •  Plain Mask
  • Glitters (optional)
  • Felt Paper
  • Laces
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Old newspapers


 1. Spread out sheets of old newspaper

2. Cut out felt paper

3. Stick with glue

4. Alternate with laces or glitters and then let it dry

5. Play time!

Harlequin Mask is just one of the eight activities included in the Sige Sabado Playbox, that's equal to eight Saturdays of pure fun and activities. Thanks to Breeze, I will never run out of ideas.

Breeze is generous enough to share with other moms its Sige How To sheets, simply by logging on to their Facebook account and website. You can download and create your very own DIY projects. 

You can share your bonding moment and activity through the Sige Sabado Facebook App where weekly winners will receive a Breeze gift pack and the Sige Sabado Playbox while the grand prize winner will win a trip to Legoland Malaysia Resort.

Registering is easy make sure to like Breeze Philippines on Facebook.

Step 1: Click START

Step 2: Enter Your Details

Step 3: Enter the child's name

Step 4: Upload photo, add filter and change border color

and hit DONE!

Success ; )

That's it! Don't forget to join the Sige Mom Circle and take charge of your kids' important learning and memories. Be a part of the Sige Sabado Movement now for more Sige Guro tips.

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