Nihonbashi Tei Izakaya | Restaurant Review

We were already checked in Makati Shangri-La Hotel when we decided to have a leisurely lunch. There are only a few restaurants that are open on Good Friday and Nihonbashi Tei along Arnaiz Avenue in Makati is one of them.

California Temaki PhP 220

The heat was unbearable. It didn't help that the air conditioner is not functioning well, in and out of our private room for 7 including #babyMartinez.

Anyway, mom ordered California Temaki which was expensive at PhP 220, the amount is almost the same as California Maki. I made a mental note to ask first for the price before ordering next time.

Salmon Spicy Maki PhP 380

I love Salmon Spicy Maki I think I had two of these ; )

Shime Saba PhP 100/pc. ; Ikura PhP 150

DH ordered Shime Saba for me and Ikura for my sister.

Salmon Sashimi PhP 330

My brother and I don't eat sashimi at all so this order was shared by just my mom, sis and DH.

Una Jyu Don with Miso PhP 650

Thank goodness for lunch sets, most of our orders came with a bowl of miso soup and coffee or nata de coco for dessert. DH and I shared an order of my all-time favorite Japanese food, Una Jyu (eel).

Beef Teppanyaki PhP 280

My sister ordered Beef Teppanyaki. Yes, it was greasy but it tasted good.

Sukiyaki Don with Miso PhP 280

My brother ordered a bowl of Sukiyaki Don. This is Nihonbashi Tei's version of Gyudon. He said he liked it better than the one served during my dad's birthday at Washoku Kikufuji.

Chirashi Sushi with Miso PhP 350

Dad ordered his favorite Japanese dish, Chirashi. It means scattered in Japanese. Basically, it is a bowl of vinegared sushi rice topped with anything you want from vegetables to raw slices of fish. Dad would always request to separate his bowl of vinegared rice from the toppings.

Mix Tempura PhP 380

Ebi Tempura PhP 330

Mom ordered Mix Tempura while I ordered Ebi Tempura. Our orders looked like it was cooked from oil that's been used more than 5 times... argh! It was darker than the usual tempura served in other Japanese restaurants---> I was disappointed.

complimentary  tea

nata de coco

For dessert, you can choose between iced coffee or a bowl of nata de coco. Our service charge amounted to more than PhP 300. Senior Citizen discount applies. 

Nihonbashi Tei Izakaya Restaurant is located at 800 Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo Village, Makati City with telephone number 02-8188893.
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