Petron Value Card

I was driving yesterday when I noticed that the fuel gauge was almost empty. The nearest gasoline station was Petron in Granada St. in Quezon City. As the service attendant was filling my gas tank, he offered Petron Value Card.

Pay PhP 100 via cash to get a Petron Value card

The first question I asked was how much and if I can get value for money. He said Petron Value Cards are already pre-loaded with 100 points that's equal to PhP 100. If I register the card, I get an additional 2 bonus points. And every PhP 250 worth of fuel, gets me a point. Technically, the card is for FREE!

How to register Petron Value Card

As soon as I got home, I registered my card. It's so simple, just type the following:

REG (space) 16-digit PVC# (space) FIRSTNAME/MI/LastName (space) Bday (MM/DD/YYYY)



Send to 0917-567-1111 and wait for SMS coming from PETRON. 

Petron Value Card Rewards and Benefits

  •  Earn Points on Fuel Purchase
  • Free Towing & Roadside Assistance simply by calling 02-4594735
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance. For claims, call 02-876-4400
  • Freebies and Discounts at partner hotels and shops
  • PhP 10 discount every time you buy Gasul
  • PhP 10 discount when you avail of Petron Engine Oils
  • 10% discount at Petron Car Care Centers
  • 5% discount on SMC products at Petron Shops

To know more about the features and benefits of Petron Value card, visit here.

I purchased PhP 2500 worth of fuel  so I received 10 points

my card has a total of 110 points; I received additional 2 points upon registring my card

Magnolia Popsies Ice lolly in Choco Cool and Orange Chill

Before I forget, as an additional treat, Petron is giving away Magnolia Popsies Ice Lolly for every PhP 500 fuel purchase. I got 5 popsicles with my fuel purchase.... weee! Only two were left because my parents and I ate the rest while on the road lol

I am so happy with my Petron Value Card that I am keeping it inside my wallet. Happy weekend!
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