Restoran Dan Nasi Ayam Kam Kee Malaysia | Restaurant Review

It's good to be back in Manila after my 5-day vacation in Malaysia. During my stay, I found out that Malaysian food and I don't get along very well. I still prefer the good old Chinese cuisine even if I eat it along the side walk of Jalan Pataling (Pataling Street). Restoran Dan Nasi Ayam Kam Kee was recommended to us by the taxi driver who drove us to the said Chinese night market.

Restoran Dan Nasi Ayam Kam Kee

The only instruction we got was to look for the restaurant beside a laundry shop located at the end of the street. The driver said that it served good food. The direction was very vague but we eventually found the elusive restaurant.

Sweet & Sour Prawn RM 20 (PhP 280)

Sweet & Sour Prawn was definitely my favorite. At only PhP 280, this order was more than enough for my two friends and I.

Squid with Salted Egg RM 15 PhP 210

I was not so sure how the salted egg will blend well with squid but this dish is definitely a must-try! There's a crunch in every bite.

Yang Chow Fried Rice RM 7 (PhP 98)

Although really oily, the Yang Chow Fried Rice tasted really good. Just pray that you don't suffer from heart attack while eating lol

Guess which drink was mine?

I told you we ate along the side walk lol

stores just across Restoran Dan Nasi Ayam Kam Kee

One of the stores across Restoran Dan Nasi Ayam Kam Kee is Kedai Buju, its address is No. 59 Jan Sultan.

Rainbow Laundry found beside Restoran Dan Nasi Ayam Kam Kee

Diners at Restoran Dan Nasi Ayam Kam Kee were spilling over to the storefront of Rainbow Laundry Shop.

Our first night ended with happy tummies and it only cost us PhP 200 each. I will tell you more about my Malaysia trip in the succeeding entries.
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