New Rainbow Loom Kit with Metal Tip

Remember my first entry about Rainbow Loom? You can read about it here. I don't have a kit, the loom bands were given to #babyMartinez by one of my mom's students. Anyway, the people over at Rainbow Loom read my entry and delivered a new kit to my house just the other day.

The Original Rainbow Loom Kit New with Metal Hook and Resealable Storage PhP 979.75

I was giddy and excited to unbox it this morning. I can't wait to give this rubber band crafting kit a try!

What's inside?

  •  An Instruction Manual

what the new Rainbow Loom packaging looks like

  • Resealable Storage

  •  1 Rainbow Loom
  • 1 Mini Rainbow Loom
  • 600+ Latex Free Rubber Bads
  • 1 Rainbow Loom Hook with Metal tip
  • 25 "C" clips

warning: not for children 3 years and younger

new longer lasting latex free rubber bands

Rainbow Loom

This Rainbow Loom kit is expandable and you can rearrange or reposition it for difficult patterns by pushing down the blue brackets or using the base remover (shown in the photo below). 

Mini Rainbow Loom (top shot)

Mini Rainbow Loom

new RBL hook with metal tip

Base Remover

new RBL hook with metal tip

25 "C" clips

I followed the instruction manual and made my first Rainbow Loom single pattern rubber band link bracelet this morning

followed all 16-steps

Rainbow Loom single pattern rubber band link bracelet

I know it looks so simple but I spent close to 30 minutes creating this single pattern rubber band link bracelet lol I hope I will get a better time record in the succeeding bracelets.

Next entry, I will try to make a fishtail pattern using the mini Rainbow Loom provided inside the new kit. The box says I can make it "super fast" Let see how I fair this time ; p

You can buy Original New Rainbowloom kits with metal tip and free mini rainbowloom at Toy Kingdom, Toys R US, Rustans and Gaisano.

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