Yaku Japanese Grill Podium | Restaurant Review

We went to Podium over a month ago to catch Disney's Frozen display. Unfortunately, it was already taken down, we were too late and we were not able to see it. Since it was already lunch time, my family and I went around Podium to look for a restaurant instead. There are a few new ones but we always end up in Yaku Japanese Grill because price-wise, it's affordable. 

dad enjoying his less than PhP 400 Chirashi Don

Do you like Chirashi as much as my dad? Then you should visit other restaurants offering Chirashi like Ogetsu Hime and  Nihonbashi Tei.

dilis na manamis-namis... sarap!

Age Tofu PhP 105

Tamago sashimi PhP 75

Salmon Gunka PhP 145

I can get carried away if I am hungry, it seems that I ordered a lot of appetizer hehe Look at the price, it's inexpensive and the restaurant is not even a fast food. Take tamago for example, it's only less than PhP 100 for 6 slices.

Ebi Tempura PhP 249

The oil used to deep fry the ebi tempura is MrsMartinez approved. 

Chirashi Don PhP 329

Sukiyaki Half PhP 355
A half order of Sukiyaki is good enough for the four of us to share. We ordered a lot but our bill totaled only for a little less than PhP 1500, service charge included. If you have a date and you are on a budget, I suggest Yaku where the food is good and the price is even better.

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