Zao Vietnamese Bistro Shangri-La East Wing | Restaurant Review

While in Malaysia, I got fed up (for lack of better term) with all food that started with nasi (nasi goreng, nasi lemak etc.) in just two days. Would you believe I have not cooked a curry since I got back? Anyway, I have a different love affair with Vietnamese food, I like it better than Malaysian food.

Pomelo salad PhP 325

Whenever I miss Vietnamese cuisine, thank goodness there's always a pho restaurant around. I always go to Pho Hoa when I need my quick fix and then there's Zao Vietnamese Bistro that opened in Shangri-La East Wing.

For starters, I ordered a Pomelo salad. It generally has a lot of Pomelo with a little bit of greens on the side with slices of onions and chopped peanuts on top.

Zao Pho PhP265

As usual, DH ordered a bowl of pho. Vietnamese broth is always tasty. While we were vacationing in Canada, we were in Pho 88 almost every other day because #babyMartinez loved its pho.

Zao Bowl PhP 295

Dad ordered a Zao Bowl where slices of spring rolls are aplenty and a little portion of barbecue meat on the side.

FireCracker Prawns PhP 385

 If the size of of the prawns were larger, this order would have been great. I would spent my PhP 385 in another entree next time.

Saigon Porkchop PhP 275

I ordered a Saigon Porkchop. This order is worth it because although it was thinly-sliced, the portion was big. I shared it with my mom, of course.

We had our coffee and dessert in Gigi Coffee and Cupcakes right after. For another Vietnamese restaurant to visit, you can read my review about Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen here.

Zao Vietnamese Bistro is located at Unit 5035 Level 5 East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall with contact number 942 0785.
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