The Legend (Hong Kong) Seafood | Restaurant Review

Aside from Golden Bay Fresh Seafoods Restaurant, The Legend (HongKong) Seafood Restaurant is the other Chinese restaurant we go to when we are in the South.

Fresh Sea Eel PhP 700

I think there were three kinds of eel and each one is priced at over a thousand pesos per kilo. We ordered half a kilo which is good enough for 3-4 persons. I still prefer the Japanese version (unagi) over this one.

Lapu Lapu Sweet & Sour small PhP 380

We were served two kinds of sweet and sour, first was the lapu-lapu and the other one, pork. The latter we didn't order, the waiter must have listed it down which was weird, don't you think?

Broccoli Scallop Mushroom small PhP 380

 DH always order a vegetable and this time, he chose broccoli with scallop and mushroom.

Crabmeat Wintermelon soup small PhP 380

For #babyMartinez, we ordered a crabmeat wintermelon soup. Save for the sweet & sour mishap, everything went well. The food is great, the ambiance is noisy ; p

The Legend (HongKong) Seafood Restaurant is located at Roxas Boulevard CCP Complex, Pasay, Magdalena Jalandoni, Pasay City with telephone number 8333388.
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