Mom's Birthday Dinner at Victorino's Quezon City | Restaurant Review

When we had an afternoon merienda a few months ago at Victorino's Restaurant, my family and I loved the dessert and the ambiance. We were seated near the cake display and there were only a few tables occupied at that time so it gave me an impression that this restaurant is a good date place.

Since we were there only for an afternoon snack, we were only able to try salad, cake and brewed coffee.  I promised myself I would  go back to have a decent Ilocano meal, this time, with my whole family.

me and the lovely debutante, este, my mom hehehe

Fast forward to last night, my whole family went back to celebrate my mom's birthday. When I called in the afternoon to make a reservation, Chef Cris (person who took my reservation) told me the place was not full and our family of 8 can still be accommodated. Thank goodness for reservation because when I arrived, the place was already full of diners. It was noisy and everyone looked busy.

Pako Salad PhP 195

We ordered 2 pako salad. It still has the same good taste, I especially like the sweetened vinaigrette.

Bagnet PhP 320

Bagnet is Ilocano's version of lechon kawali. Eating the skin was like eating chicharon, so crispy. The meat was tough to chew though.

Prito nga Tilapia PhP 290

My dad was disappointed when prito nga tilapia was presented. He was expecting it to be whole and not chopped/sliced like those served in Abe, Banana Leaf and other restaurants.

Kare Kare PhP 490

If you love ox tail, then this type of kare-kare is for you. I like mine with tender beef so this is not my type. The peanut sauce was really good so I feasted on that with bagoong on the side, of course.

Pinakbet ala Apo Lakay PhP 250

Minaisan PhP 210

Just like Karabasa soup, Minaisan also has malunggay leaves mix in it. It tasted different because the kernel was not whole, cream corn was used.

Kinalti PhP 90

Turon nga saba PhP 85

Yema balls PhP 18

 We liked the desserts more than the entrees. I will go back for the yema balls and turon nga saba.

Hizon Cake square PhP 1350

No birthday is complete without a cake from Hizon's. I can't believe that a square cake now cost PhP 1350. It's super moist and siksik. We each had a slice and we took home the rest.

Happy, happy birthday mom! We love you!

Victorino's is located on the corner of Scout Rallos and 11th Jamboree Sts., Quezon City. You may contact 0917 9530661 for reservation.
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