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To get inside Paul Maison De Qualite- a French bakery restaurant, one has to fall in line and wait to be seated. Fortunately for me, Kipling brand manager, Milette Antonio, decided to have lunch at Paul right after touring the invited media guests in its boutique on the second level of SM Aura. No waiting in line... woo hoo!

two mini macarons, 1/2 moelleux chocolat slice and mini creme brulee

Just to keep you salivating for the good food ahead, let me share with you my dessert that day- Cafe surprise ; )

complimentary bread

The complimentary bread basket was filled with soft, warm bread. There were butter and jam spread served on the side.

Carrot, Orange and Ginger Juice PhP 140

I don't know what got into me but I ordered a combination of freshly squeezed fruit juice in carrots, orange and ginger. Eh, alam na pag healthy medyo weird ang taste lol I wonder how the Green Apple Celery juice tastes like? Kulit lang ; p

Piece de boeuf PhP 720

This order includes a beef striploin served on a bed of sauteed potatoes and a side salad. The meat could be more tender, tastewise, I like it.

Cabillaud Provencal PhP 570

My kanin buddy, Tara, ordered a cod filet served with rice and Provencal vegetables (tomatoes, red and green peppers, onions cooked with spices and herbs). As usual, we shared our orders. I had a slice of her cod filet. It was filed with buttery goodness. I love it!

Saumon sauce vierge PhP 630

This pan fried salmon fillet with olive sauce served with rice and Provencal vegetables (see description above) was ordered by my other friends. Normally, I would order a salmon but I just had it the night before at my home so I chose a beef instead. I was not able to taste it but looks pretty good, don't you think so?

Cafe Surprise PhP 280

An order of Cafe surprise includes a cup of your choice of coffee and a portion of moelleux chocolat, Paul's version of smooth chocolate cake. Two mini macarons and a mini creme brulee complete this order. This is a perfect order for people catching up over a warm coffee in the afternoon.

Also available in The Surprise (PhP 280). Instead of coffee, you can have any tea from the selection together with two mini macarons, mini creme brulee and 1/2 a slice of smooth chocolate cake.

Here are some photos that we took during lunch...

Nikki and I

with my kanin buddy, Tara

here's our group photo

I love these girls! What is supposed to be just a quick lunch turned into two hours, we bonded over Paul's good food and our love for the Kipling brand.

More events like this, please!

Paul is located at the Upper Ground Floor, SM Aura Premier. Call 8085324 for reservations.
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