Shitamachi Japanese Chashu House in Podium | Restaurant Review

In a few days, it will be the month of August already. It's party time for my daughter so I am busy as a bee again. Right now, I am in search for a kid-friendly photography studio. She likes to be photographed na kasi and she knows how to pose in front of the camera. 

complimentary Japanese fries with three dips

Anyway, I was in Podium earlier today to inquire at The Picture Company. By the time we got there, it was already lunch time. I spotted Shitamachi Japanese Chashu House along the row of restaurants near the cinema at the 5th level.

Beef Yakiniku Don PhP 200

The restaurant was full but there's a lady who was paying her bill already so we decided to wait. The menu was simple. We picked Beef Yakiniku Don, Gyoza and Chicken Teriyaki. Sorry, no ramen, maybe when DH is with me.

Gyoza 5pcs. PhP 160

I love Shitamachi's gyoza. It was firm and meaty. My daughter loved it. You have to mix vinegar and soy sauce to make your own gyoza sauce... nice!

I am giving Beef Yakiniku a thumbs down though. A third of it was fat, it was not lean as I expected. Although sukiyaki cut, the meat was not tender. The only positive thing about it was the sauce, it was yummy!

Chicken Teriyaki Don PhP 180

Chicken Teriyaki was not bad, my dad even liked it. Price-wise, this restaurant is affordable. I think that's the reason why it's full when we got there. Tastewise, it is good, it only needs improvement on the beef supply.

Shitamachi Japanese Chashu House is located at the 5th level, Podium. For reservations, you may call 5714568.
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