Coffee Empire Quezon City

Have you noticed that more and more coffee shops are opening in the metro? Let me tell you that they are not just ordinary coffee shops but these new players, for the love of coffee, introduced what they called The 3rd Wave Coffee Concept.

Brewed By Hand PhP 150

My brother introduced me to Coffee Empire, a new player located in the heart of Quezon City. We went there one afternoon to try out this so-called Third Wave Coffee Bar. I was impressed with the spacious area. The interior is conducive to a relaxing atmosphere. I can picture my girl friends and I having a coffee in between talking about the latest happening in and around the metro.

Going back to its concept, well, how do you determine a 3rd Wave Coffee Shop?

The Coffee Beans Used:

  • Origin
  • Variety
  • Estate
  • Grade
  • Taste
  • Aroma
  • Over-all characteristics and Tasting notes

 The 3rd Wave Methodologies of Preparing Coffee

Not only do we use Espresso Machines and Percolators and even a SIPHON, but we use almost all equipment for coffee and we've mastered the preparation for each. We make sure that we are using the right temperature of the water used for brewing and extraction of espressos, the right amount of ground beans and its grind size and the right amount of brewing time or extraction time for our coffee preparation. 

We study the intricacies of the different coffee filters, from metal to cloth and paper filters and the effects of each with coffee. 

sign of good coffee- even coffee grounds

When my brother ordered a cup of coffee Brewed By Hand, the Barista went to our table, placed the necessary equipments for his coffee, gently poured hot water in it and allowed the water to slowly drip in his cup. 

Brewed by Hand PhP 150 (hot)

The Third Wave Coffee Concept is such a unique experience that it got the attention of even giant companies like Starbucks. Read all about my Starbucks Reserve experience here.

Barista preparing my mom's coffee

Latte PhP 145

keeping the coffee in an temperature controlled room

coffee bar

Coffee Empire's Chocolate PhP 135

I am not a coffee drinker so I ordered Coffee Empire's Chocolate. It was supposed to be served hot but I requested a cold one. Well, it reminded me of an old favorite- Magnolia Chocolait drink in a glass bottle. It was pure chocolaty goodness in one glass!

Salade Nicoise

My sister who was not feeling well that day opted to order from Coffee Empire's menu- a mix of Italian, Spanish and French cuisine. The salad that she ordered was good. It had shredded tuna, baby potatoes, corn kernels, cucumber, slices of bell peppers and a poached egg on top!

You can also check out other Third Wave Coffee Concepts like Craft Coffee Revolution and Yardstick Coffee.

Coffee Empire is located at 74 West Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City with telephone number 410 0190.
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