Longchamp Les Planètes: How to Spot a Fake

Lately, my email was swamped with requests for Longchamp Les Planètes feature. Since I don't own any Longchamp shopping bag, I did the next best thing, I borrowed one from my good friend who purchased her tote bag last January 2012 in Sogo Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong for HK$ 990.

 Longchamp | Les Planètes

Longchamp Planetes Shopping Tote with Long Handle in black HK$ 990 ($155)

In the photo above, you will notice that Longchamps' long handles easily fall on the sides of the bag. Another distinction, Les Planètes tote handbags cannot be folded unlike the Les Pliages.

With more than a passing resemblance to Pliage®, the Planètes line is distinguished by its structured form, thick fabric trimmed with full-grain cowhide and its satiny feel. Handbag, tote or hobo bag... choose it this season in its new ebony color -SOURCE


  • 10x10x5½ inch (25x25x14 cm)


  • 1 main compartment with zipper opening
  • interior: One flat pocket on front 

Tip: To remove any stains, simply brush softly.

Care: To maintain your product, apply with a soft brush Longchamp colorless cream regularly to leather areas.

How to Spot a FAKE Longchamp Les Planètes

Jockey Logo

Longchamp new embossed jockey logo and snap on button

Longchamp embossed jockey logo and snap on button are found in front flap of the tote bag.

Snap-on Button Logo

Longchamp snap on button logo (close up)
mark found at the back where the logo is raised (see top of snap on button)

There is a mark of embossed jockey logo when you look at the back side of the flap. "ORIGINAL", "PRYM" and "6/4B" are engraved on the snap on button.


The words LONGCHAMP and ModèLE DéPOSé are written across the center at the back postion of the flap cover. The word Longchamp was written above stitches while ModèLE DéPOSé was written in between two rows of stitches.

YKK Zippers | Zipper Pull | Thread | Stitching

 Longchamp only uses YKK zippers
 zipper pull with words Longchamp and 1948 ; Jockey logo at the center
thread use is the same color all throughout Longchamp tote bag
Longchamp Interior: One flat pocket on front (view from front of bag
 Longchamp Interior: One flat pocket on front (view from inside)
Longchamp handle stitching (outside)
Longchamp handle stitching (outside)
Longchamp Le Planète Made in France
 Longchamp Le Planète (front)
 Longchamp Le Planète (back)

I am not a bag expert so I don't authenticate Longchamp Les Planètes tote bags. Please buy only from Longchamp boutiques. May this serve as a guide when you buy Longchamp Les Planetes ; )

Lastly,  I know my photos are awesome but please do not steal them ; p Last thing I want to see is a fake reseller with my real Longchamp photos... what a loser and an a%$h*le!
I hope you learned a thing or two. Please visit and share:

How to spot a FAKE COACH | How to spot a FAKE FENDI

Longchamp bags are from France but some bags are already made in China like this one.To see and compare an original from a fake, visit my other post.

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