Morita Japanese Restaurant in FisherMall | Restaurant Review

DH and I love Japanese cuisine. When were in Japan back in 2012, we ate at every okonomiyaki, sushi, ramen (udon) and tempura restaurant that we could find. Back here in the Philippines, we often go to Little Tokyo in Makati to get our Japanese fix.

Last week, we discovered another Japanese restaurant called Morita. It was owned and operated by the same owners of FisherMall, Roberto del Rosario.

Sake Teriyaki Don PhP 295

Morita Japanese Restaurant was created in memory of the late Tomiya Morita (1934-2009) who was born and raised in Nagasaki, Japan. He was able to touch the life of Bobby del Rosario, owner of Irma Fishing. With the help of Morita San, Irma Fishing was able to develop & acquire high quality boats that would withstand the test of time. Over the last 40 years, every boat that Morita San recommended is still in operation today.

DH ordered Sake Teriyaki. The set includes a cup of miso soup and a pickled side dish.

Tofu Gyuniku Steak PhP 455

I ordered a Tofu Gyuniku Steak. I was wrong to assume that the tofu would be a soft one, it's not a Japanese tofu. It's tokwa or hard tofu as the server would call it.

Toriju PhP 265

While the salmon in Sake Teridon is deep fried and topped with teriyaki glaze, in Toriju, the chicken is grilled. This set is better. 

Tamago PhP 95

We ordered 2 sets of Tamago. Yes, we love it!

Salmon Sashimi PhP 335

Shime Saba PhP 205

Hamachi PhP 280

As usual, I only get to try Shime Saba because I don't like raw anything ; p Since the owner is a fisherman, you can only expect the freshest sushi and sashimi in his restaurant. Morita even serves Hamachi, one of the three fishes classified as luxury fish.

photo taken from our table on the second level

band setting up for the 9pm show

oldies but goodies in Morita

The restaurant turns into a disco-dancing bar when the clock strikes 9! It features line dancing on weekends. There's an entrance fee of PhP 350 per person if I am not mistaken. I think it's consumable. That's perhaps the reason why the receptionist told us before we were given a table, "Ma'am, Sir early dinner lang po kayo." I look at her and said, "May kasama kaming bata, di kami magtatagal. And rolled my eyes, kidding! lol

Morita Japanese Restaurant is located at the Upper Basement Unit UB-LA FisherMall 325 Quezon Avenue cor Roosevelt Ave., Sta. Cruz, Quezon City.
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